Top 6 Resources To Become A Better Freelance Writer

While computers and other forms of technology have replaced many manual labor jobs, that’s not the case in the field of writing. The daily proliferation of websites demands good and consistent content produced by freelance writers, designers, technicians and other web content providers.

If you’re interested in pursuing work in freelance writing, there are a number of resourceful websites that provide real world tips and strategies. These are not job sites per se; they are places to go to learn about the what it takes to develop and maintain a career as a freelance writer.

Freelance Folder

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One of the freelance writing sites at the top of my RSS feed is Freelance Folder. This site is not just for freelance writers, but it frequently runs freelance writing related articles each week. Its staff consists of writers, bloggers and designers whose recent subjects have included, “How to Use Twitter to Find More Freelance Work“, “Three Things Your Customers Wont Tell You … Unless you Ask“, “How to Stop Scrambling for Clients and Get Steady Stream of Paying Gigs.” The site also includes a free members forum of over 500 members.

The Savvy Freelancer

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If you’re fairly new to freelance writing, you’ll definitely want to start with Alexis Rodrigo’s The Savvy Freelancer. Her 31 Days to Start a Freelance Business (Or Make a Better One) rivals many books on the subject. Reading through her series of blog entries will provide lots of ideas for getting started in the field. She covers a range of topics from how to assess your skills, how to track your income and expenses, to how to monitor your freelance progress. This is the type of information that many people pay for.


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One of the most commented upon websites for writers is, which currently has over 124,000 subscribers. Copyblogger provides a daily stream of posts about generating traffic, links, and subscribers for your own websites. Its popular articles include, “Five Grammatical Errors that Make You Look Dumb,” “20 Warning Signs That Your Content Sucks,” “How Twitter Makes You a Better Writer“, and “Ten Timeless Persuasive Writing Techniques.” It’s another site with a wealth of information about writing and marketing, much of which you find in a book.

The Renegade Writer

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One the most popular books on freelance writing is The Renegade Writer. The authors, Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell, have a companion website of the same name that they started back in 2006. Fomichelli and Burrell are prolific writers featured in many leading magazines in the U.S. Recent topics on their site include, “What Should I Put on My Website if I Have No Clips?“, “How Long a Query Should Be!“, and “How to Develop Multiple Streams of Income.” These authors are known for busting many myths about freelance writing and what it takes to make it big in the field.

The Freelance Writing Jobs Network

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The Freelance Writing Jobs Network is a networking site for freelance writers, featuring tips on interviewing skills for writing stories, “10 Popular Article Writing Questions,” and “12 Things to Do BEFORE Applying for a Freelance Writing Job.” It includes other categories for tips on running a freelance writing business, job hunting, a grammar guide, and a daily list of job leads. The Freelance Writing Jobs Network is maintained by its chief editor, Susan Guelius who has nearly 20 years of experience in both marketing and writing fields.

Other noteworthy freelance writing sites include Free Writing Center maintained by MUO’s Promotion and SEO editor, Ryan Dube; Laura Spencer’s Writing Thoughts; and a new site started early this year, simply called FreelanceWriting, maintained by Monika Mundell.

If you are freelance writer, let me know what sites I overlooked.

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