5 Innovative Ways To Use Business Cards To Market Your Business In 2018 And 2019

Hey elevator entrepreneurs its jameelah with elevated business 101 and today i want to talk to you about five innovative ways you can use business cards to market your business in 2018 and 2019 but before I can say video go ahead and subscribe to my channel if you like videos that have to do with helping you to learn to.

Make money online to start your own business or.

Grow your own business alright so I’ve got these super cool um business cards that I learned to make actually got the idea from Brandon Belcher if you don’t know him he’s on YouTube he’s awesome and what it looks like is right.

Here my screen I’m gonna enlarge it for you what I did was brought the Rope had the word entrepreneur and scan and watch.

With a QR code and so essentially what I’m doing is like Brandon Belcher has taught us I give all the credit to him is to you know spark some curiosity by saying just a couple words entrepreneur scan and watch you know Brandon’s.

Is a little bit different the way he did he.

Put a website I’m putting a QR code because you can just scan it with your camera right love it so what.

I suggest this is what I said are my 5 ways to market you could put this and I learn these techniques from different blogs you can put these in restaurant bathrooms restrooms you can put these in books in the library that.

Has to do with business you.

Can put these in books in the library that have to do with your niche.

For instance if you are in the health and wellness or some other niche you can put these in books and magazines that pertain to that you can put these in waiting rooms you can ask your dentist or doctor if you could put these in the waiting rooms there you can put these on car windshields right you could also put these in places where people are going to congregate like food courts for instance or just any place overall where you know you’re allowed to put.

Your business cards I mean if you’re gonna sneak them into the library books you can sneak them into books inside of a book store as well I really like this I use this to print cost me less than $25 for 250 of these and I’m gonna leave a link below that gives you a.

Discount if you click on my link to get yours from mister if that discount doesn’t work for some strange reason you can also add.

The honey chrome extension or the Swagbucks chrome extension to your Google Chrome browser and those will give you discounts too so I hope you like this idea it’s pretty fun I like my little business cards they’re pretty unique to.

Me and so I’m gonna keep doing this you know have a youtube video link or video to a sales page for something that I’m offering as an affiliate and so forth so if you like.

The content of this video go ahead and subscribe to my channel like I said if you haven’t already like comment share this video with your friends and if you want to know my number one recommendation for making money online it’s the first link in.

The description below click on that I’ll see you on the next one take care.


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