I Made Live Halloween Makeup During Finance Class

Sometimes just be aware of why people would prefer a growth stock that grows in price versus somebody that gives you Nikolas for example today the stock of GP crash coming from twenty four twenty five to ten dollars and they also they are rather than paying 50 cents a share of dividends they’re gonna pay a penny so think of.

Those things to that company so these are very interesting things so so so again you’re getting to funding so there’s a small company there is there is always a possibility there’s rumors that the company might break up and then so so that have to be true so you can talk so always one is the one.

Of the typical stock slogan 505 very nice so one could say 150 Wow geez that $10 profiles to them whatever it is let’s go in and buy I will tell you.

That that is valid if you don’t hear one of the concepts that we will discuss a little bit later is also you have to you have.

To also look at all the other factors so yes so if it’s company just going down and down and down and and I’m not saying this.

Company is crashing the bank for a banker but what’s the point so the part there’s another thing that people can say I’m the market what what do you buy time in the market either jump on the stock when it’s going high or you know what whatever you buy when it’s low on average they think that the time the market is just.

Like if you go into a casino and lose money and try.

To get your money back yeah so so dividends or gain companies are not a guarantee we talked about of common stocks there’s another type response that not all companies provide them it’s called the preferred stocks to me we may have preferred stocks is different in this way preferred stocks but how much companies when.

They’re newer companies they provide that it has got a guaranteed dividend so in company.

With tell you if you buy this preferred stock there is a guaranteed dividend and for now what wonder that company [Laughter] [Laughter] preferred stock a you there is.

A of that they get you for and it says it’s one year or so so this goes the order of kind of how safe they are in the sense but pawns compound or the most what there is this company so if you if you have enough so there is no so so government bonds in a kind of knocking in vascular where did you go if you don’t have a room where do you go if you don’t have a no I mean.

Like for example like if we have talk and then like we like die tomorrow like how do our kids get is it.

Going to direct like to like kiss and then yes thank so some of these questions that they say about this what are your expectations how much all this stuff is like these are just a subset but I think some of the questions that you have to ask yourself is hopefully even ask them before winning and invested and the two major question.

So when you the creditors first of all have to become whole then is the preferred stockholders one of the advanced liver preferred stockholders they are next in line to get something back the last are the common stockholders so there are some benefits the declaration thing and.

These are traditional to work the company would when the board declares what.

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