How To Avoid Food Poisoning

How to avoid food poisoning food poisoning is unpleasant at best and deadly at its worst fortunately you can avoid food poisoning if you prepare your food properly and store it correctly it’s also important to know how to safely consume food as well as to understand how food poisoning works soon you’ll know how to avoid food poisoning both at.

Home and in restaurants preparing food properly shop with care food safety begins at the grocery store so make sure to shop wisely check the use by dates on all products and use your judgment to decide if foods have been stored.

At the correct temperatures pack meat and poultry products into separate bags and do not let the raw flesh touch.

As you shop or bring them home maintain the cold chain keep cold and frozen foods as cold as possible especially when transferring from the store to your home this prevents the growth of.

Pesky bacteria that could cause food poisoning here are ways to keep your food safe wrap the goods in newspaper or buy a small cooler bag to transport your cold and frozen.

Foods home when using coolers always separate meat from other cold items you should label your coolers so you always put the right items in the right cooler clean the coolers after each use with disinfecting cloths when possible leave grabbing cold products to the end of your shopping store all foods properly and quickly when you get back home always wash your hands before and.

After preparing foods wash your hands thoroughly with hot water and antibacterial soap before and after preparing food especially after handling raw.

Meat dry your hands on a clean towel that’s separate from the one you used to wipe down surfaces cheap dish cloths and hand towels regularly cleaned to prevent bacteria from accumulating on the fabric.

Always wash your hands after handling pets especially reptiles turtles and birds and after using the bathroom or handling pet litter keep your kitchen clean it’s very important to keep your kitchen counters and other food preparation.

Areas clean especially when preparing high-risk food items.

Like meat poultry and eggs use a mild disinfectant to clean your countertops and other surfaces wash your cutting board in warm soapy water it’s best to also clean it using a.

Bleach solution made of one teaspoon five milliliters of bleach mixed into 34.

Ounces 1l of water disinfect your sink especially if you’ve washed raw meat products in it it’s possible for germs to get on your clean dishes use.

Separate chopping boards for preparing raw meat poultry.

And vegetables keep these boards separate to avoid any possibility of cross-contamination of bacteria from meat to other food products if you cannot keep.

Separate chopping boards make sure to disinfect a multi-purpose chopping board thoroughly after each use see bleach recipe and tips plastic chopping boards are recommended over wooden chopping boards as the wooden ones are harder to clean wooden chopping boards can also absorb and hold bacteria in their grain defrost carefully you should never defrost food especially meat and poultry at room temperature just.

To speed up the process food should always be thought in the refrigerator as thong at room temperature.

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