The Dillon Duo That Has Carved Up Class A Football

Talked to one of the mostdynamic duo’s in Class Afootball. Dom Tibbetts, MTN Sports“We meet almost every single daygoing over our reads,and filmand stuff and Ihave the utmost confidence inhim.” When you hear Sophomore receiverJace Fitzgerald talk about hisfriend andDillon quarterback JustusPeterson you already can tellthat the two have an extremely dynamic chemistry.

Alarge reason the Beavers findthemselves at sixand two.

Is because it seems thatevery time.

They score atouchdown the announcer follows with “That’sPeterson to Fitzgerald for thetouchdown.” Thatfeeling of confidence on.

Thefield is mutual between the twoplayers. “He makes me feel prettyconfident, we were in therunning for quarterback theentire.

Summer, we gotta playcatch together a lot we went tocamps together. So we got a lot of practice in with eachother. I feel really comfortablegetting to.

Him and Ican always roll out and give himthe ball.”And that’s the thing, you wouldn’t even believe these twoever had to compete witheach other, because at the endof the day they both felt thatif either one of themwere named Q-B they’d give the Beavers the best chance to win.

Really hardtogether putting in work overthe summer, stuff like that. I had the most confidence in himif he was gonna play quarterbackor if I wasgonna play quarterback, so youknow it’s been very successful.”“Well I think they’re both just really good athletes, they’regood team guys, and for usto be successful we need to havethem playing and touching theball on both ends.”Both Jace and Justus bring an array ofvaluable skills to the footballfield.

“Justus as a quarterback isextremely accurate, and he has arealthirst for knowledge of what to do offensively.” “Jace is just aplay-maker, you throw the.

Ballup in his vicinity he’ll go upand make aplay.”The pair will look to keep up the success when they hostWhitefish in the firstround of the class A playoffs onFriday. In Dillon, Dom Tibbetts, MTNSports. With three games remaining inthe regular season, the MontanaWestern Bulldogs have.

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