The Sims Mobile Trick Or Treat Quest And Halloween Haunt Event Walkthrough

The event inquest footage you’re about to see was recorded on a developer build of the Sims mobile while at Sims camp all currency used within this video was provided by EA for the benefit of recording this footage I hope you enjoy hello Ruby and welcome back to arson girl gave me my name is Heather and I thank you.

For joining me for a very special Halloween event and quest.

Walkthrough this is the Halloween Haunt event we are going to do a complete walkthrough of the quest that precedes the event or should I.

Say maybe run simultaneous with the event and we’re going to do the event for all of these fabulous prizes I am so excited who doesn’t want all these really cool costumes in their Sims mobile game I know I do now the one thing I did mention at the very beginning of this video and my disclaimer is that I recorded this on a developers build at Sims camp in London and so that’s why I have 19,000 sim cash that is not my sim cash I do not.

Have it I do not have this build it is their build and they let me record this so I can actually get this out to you you’ll notice the candy bowl Bowl was already won because that was a save that a developer created and there was no way to get past that very first step but this is very much.

Like the a sauce event where you will earn candy corn to buy all of these items so you can pick and.

Choose the ones you want there’s stuff you don’t want don’t buy it if there if you want all of it you’re gonna have to work your butt off for.

All the days to earn as many candy corn as you get I think spoil alert at the end I.

Ended up spending a home wrecker I I don’t even know I was gonna tell you but I think was somewhere I think going through the quest I ended up.

With something like 16,000 candy corn so this is a.

Trick-or-treat quest and it is a 24 part so not as long as I expected it to be and we’ve already completed part one and we’re heading to part two here which we’re gonna search for treats at a fridge.

Very very basic again as I do with these quests I will be using Sims cache to speed through the quest chain so that you guys have an idea of what’s coming without having to sit through me doing all.

Of it in real time also I am going to have a second video that will post tomorrow or will already be.

Posted if you’re not watching this on its launch day that will show you what it costs to buy all of the prizes for the event I am separating it from this video because if I left it in here this whole video would be about an hour long because I am doing this as a voiceover since.

I recorded it where I could not record my voice it was way too noisy so anyway so that is what the situation is with this we’re moving on to part four of the quest where I have to talk.

To all of my friends about trick-or-treating you will see that there’s a little notification from the candy bowl on the table that says it’s full you will get that as real time moves on it will fill up that maxes out at 125 candy corn so make sure.

You empty that fairly frequently and that will earn you some more candy corn the other thing is hopefully you did the the pre quest that was out last week because that also and you don’t see that in my video but it also gives you a benefit or an advantage when doing these quest pieces in speeding up the time frame so.

That you can actually be really successful on this quest slash event leg which.

Is very exciting to me so let’s move on to part 5 complete and events you go to.

A career hobby station or any sim and start a new event I am going to.

Do that’s let’s take her to work work a quick shift and that should when I finish this out clear us through for that piece of the quest.

We go okay let’s move out of here now this is another thing I like how this bar pops up when you earn candy corn it shows you where you are you don’t have to go searching for it which.

Is pretty awesome we’ll go ahead and collect the candy corn for that part of the quest and move on to part six which is easy just change your.

Appearance so go and do something new some new hair new clothes new whatever and if you see.

Any weird things pop up throughout this video that is just again because I am on a developers build it’s not a normal game like you and I play on the regular basis.

So it’s kind of a an inside look at how they can manipulate the game which is pretty cool so here are just kind of going through the hairs I was just trying to see if there was anything in there that we didn’t learn there wasn’t all right part 7 Halloween is like when you bring it.

Into your home complete the home for Halloween event so we shall go home and complete that event very easily just clicking on a pumpkin and click on the.

Pumpkin there we go and complete home for Halloween you’ll notice this is a six hour event go ahead and speed it up if you wish or play through it whichever is the.

Case now you’ll notice some items in the game you may get a pop up offer offering you to purchase these items their Day of the Dead items so keep your eyes open for those those will be limited time offers okay part eight gourds and grease stones to view tap view under the.

Creepy coffin and spend candy corn to buy that stuff or whatever because I read that wrong coffin can be found under the rewards tabs just click on that 100 candy corn gets you.

A chance at one of these many pumpkins and gravestones basically it’s just all different pumpkins and gravestones what I would recommend to you.

Doing outside of this one part of the question is just buy the one you need right now go through your catalog buy everything you want at the end of the event and then come back and spend it in candy corns you have in excess on these things for extra decorations because when I play through this.

The first time and you’ll probably see that at the end of this video I just spent a ton of candy corn on these coffins and it was unnecessary so that’s just my little tip for you guys that’s what you get when you watch these videos I try.

To give you the little tips where I mess something up so that you don’t have the same experience so anyway.

One is done and that completes that part of the quest for us and we can move on to part 9 which is give stickers to 5 sins now on this one I did have to have a developer cheat me through this so.

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