The Sims Mobile Trick Or Treat Quest And Halloween Haunt Event Walkthrough

I’ll be right back no other players in the game so anyway now part.

10 is to complete the costume construction event tap on it so for a loveseat and start the costume construction you let’s go do that okay and this one will take us to the fashion studio which is.

Highlight they’re using that and that is so funny that there are not any cupcakes in this build but thankfully I have plenty of sim cash now you guys you might challenge yourself to watch how much sim cash I blow throughout this quest chain I’ve never played with this much sim cash before in my life so it was kind of fun to do so I will admit.

And unfortunately I will have to play through all.

Of this on my own game in order to get everything thankfully I’ll have that opportunity to do so but I’m really this is just probably one of my favorite quests and event change that we’ve had so far alright so we’re gonna have a costume party again know people that have a party that I can go to so I will have to find one and what we did is the developer actually created a party and that is her party and so.

I got to go to her party and play yeah so it’s kind of nice when you have a developer literally standing next to you as you play through the chain because I was able to give feedback as I was doing it which was.

Invaluable and she took notes and was sending them on to the team as I was playing so at least for a little while and and as.

Daily basis to be your voice as well as my own voice to the team because the team is really passionate about this game they.

Really care a lot and want to see it be successful they put so much love into this it is insane like we need to talk to them you just feel the passion that they have for the sims mobile and.

I know sometimes the community can get a little harsh on them but I think that is directed at the wrong people to be honest because they’re very they are very quick to.

Acknowledge the things that may need to be tweaked and you know they do their best to accomplish.

That well we may not see it right away believe me it is never far from their minds so and I did talk to them a lot about Emily in the llama.

Zoom truck while I was there and your feedback is being passed on.

This week to the team from the community tab on my channel here you have a couple more days if you’d.

Like to go and vote in the poll and leave your feedback make sure you do that it’s just on my community tab you can do it on your phone or on the computer it does not show I believe on the iPads or tablets but if you are on a phone or a computer you can find the community tab and go voiced your opinion in the poll and make sure to leave your comment and your.

Detailed thoughts on Emily in the llama zoom because the more we share the more we can help them to change it for the better and like I’ve said before I think the llama zoom.

Has a lot of potential I just don’t think it’s being realized at this point and I have a very strong suspicion that the.

Team feels that as well so let’s keep that feedback going let them know.

And see what happens but yeah anyway it was really interesting playing the way I played it for this again you know the house you’re seeing it’s not my house is of course and this is a special.

Build so everything’s the way you’ll see it though let’s go on.

To part 12 and do what it is asking us to do we’re going to go home for that and yeah you can see this is like they haven’t even connected it it’s such a light build anyway we’re gonna earn 650 samolians we’re gonna go rush through some jobs and come back when our bank account is full of some mo Lian’s yeah the bank account is full we’re moving on to part 13 and we’re gonna.

Complete any five events so basically a work event is an event so pick something short and fast and just zip through it one.

Of the ones i recommend is either a fast event at work or make some friends and go through that very first friendship event that should get you through that pretty quickly and that should make it very nice and easy to move forward past that part I’m just gonna go through these and we’ll move on I was doing my events I was doing the like the events to give me the biggest candy corn.

I earned a prize I wanted to make sure to show you this so when I hit.

The milestone it gave me the gravestone tree oh right away of course I also completed that part of the quest chain so that was kind of a nice double duty one little note is if you get the opportunity to do the events if your timing is.

Right or you have enough sim cash or whatever I recommend it because the more candy corn.

The better finishing out the event itself is candy corn in tensive like I mentioned earlier so the more the better and.

Free to take the whole time of the question and event chain to get those candy corn soft away it’s my best advice to you the part 15 is our first llama zoom that is very nice and so we’re gonna go ahead and call Emily over and get started you all know the drill Mama’s a Mama’s mo llama llama Zoom Lama su mo my llama zoom zoomy zoom bo llama llama zoom when I do that but I love it I even was singing.

It while I was playing this with no voiceover so but we’ll move on to part 16 where we’re gonna complete the home for Halloween event again you guys are.

Keeping track of these longer chain or longer parts of the chain because time will of course be of the essence and my times may not be the same times you’ll have simply because of the earlier quests that we had the countdown quest so hopefully these timers.

Will be a little bit different when you’re actually playing this tomorrow.

When it goes live so we have completed that part of it and we shall move on to part 17.

Which is collect candy corn so we need to earn 600 candy corn which will probably be really a good time to do some of these events it may put you on a little bit of a delay because of the cooldowns so just be prepared for that as well it’s gonna be this this of all of.

Them is gonna be really one of those things where you have to really pay attention to the clock and stay on top of the game so that you can put all the puzzle pieces together and have time at the end after the quest is done to continue to earn the candy corn because if you’re like me and you want everything on the prizes you’re gonna have to have a lot of candy corn to do just that so this should get.

Us to the point where we have the quest piece completed and we can move on to part 18 and here we go.

With another lava zoom truck alright Miss.

Emily it’s time to come back and visit us again let’s summon her hey Emily welcome back let’s.

Select the theme complete 4:45 move on Alex to part.

19 we’re almost there complete the costume construction event let’s go do that okay so we’ll speed through this one as well and move on to I love all those candy corn we’re gonna.

Move on to our next part of the quest here which will be part 20 and Emily again this is number 3 for us and this if you’re keeping track let’s summon her mama zum-zum.

Hola oh that was fast alright we’ll complete this one and collect I.

Guess they didn’t want to hear me sayin they sped it up a little.

Bit and part 21 is collect 1200 candy corn I am gonna go back downtown and mash away at the event down there so that I can get the maximum number of.

Candy corn in the shortest amount of time the one thing I.

Really love about this event is that you’re always earning prizes like you’re either saving up candy corn to buy prizes.

Or you’re getting things like these wing.

The gargoyles just for collecting the candy corn like they didn’t put these in the by.

Section of it so you just get the rewards as you progress through.

Which always makes me insanely happy I don’t know why but it does I just love stuff in game and I know I keep threatening to remodel my house but it is coming and I am going to.

Hopefully do one before Halloween and have a Halloween house so we shall see how that comes about keep your eyes open on the channel for those kinds of things or that house to be coming within I guess the next couple weeks it is almost Halloween so I.

Should get busy building 1,200 candy corn earned and part 22 is to complete the Halloween Haunt event in downtown hmm feels like I just did that a time or two or three or four or five but let’s go back downtown and complete that.

Halloween event yeah we all done and we’re moving on to part 23 which is llama zoom so let’s call Emily back is this for its this our fourth llamas ooh I think it’s our fourth llama soon ready for it mom zoo llamas ooh la la la wow.

That was short too alright Emily good for you you’re speeding up your every system I appreciate that quite a bit and what does that mean for us that means that we move on to part 24 which is to collect 1200 candy corn and I am gonna go back and do this event a bunch of times and get all those candy corns tucked away for us hang tight all right candy corns are earned and tucked away in my Halloween basket and I won the grand prize the.

Undead bride costume the undead bride dress hair and makeup along with the necklace all put together create that entire costume I freaking love it and I hope you do too and you guys that means this is the end of our video if you enjoyed it please give me a thumbs up let.

Me know you watch and of course if you are new to the channel.

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