Encinal High School Political & Proud 2018

Thank you my god let me again thank you snow high school and thank you for your civic engagement this is gonna wonder what opportunity I have to take this opportunity to share a limit about myself and why I ran for the school board four years ago I grew up here in Alameda I meant to the Otis Lincoln Alvina.

In snow high school only but when they had that fuel program Pierce my parents didn’t participate much in my educational process because of the fact.

They had a language barrier and my mom was actually a food service worker here and it’s in a high school about one of the things I always wanted to do was to be engaged in my child’s education and I thought that was something that was very important since my parents didn’t have that opportunity so 19 years ago single.

Dad I flew to Vietnam and adopted by five month old son from a local orphanage there I always told that his.

Orphanage a very famous because it’s the.

Same one that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopted their child from so with that I got very involved in my child’s education I room parent lunch supervisor I served on school site Council for his elementary middle and high school and from that D&I I began.

To learn about what the struggles were for our English language learners the lack of support they and their families were receiving along with children with learning disabilities later on I became parent Guardian when my good friends mother passed away and so being a parent of a mixed-race child who attend to here and it’s no I still want to get involved in this educational system so I ended up become involved in suicide Council.

Here because I want to make sure that our district was doing enough to support our at-risk children that were.

Struggling and so that for that I decided to run for the school board to make.

Sure that I represent English language.

Learners students with learning disabilities and account risk students thank you.


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