Polarity In Relationships

How’s it going everyone Tim Delgado with emotional health counseling here in Santa Monica and now Cerritos I am driving here through a bikini Venice I’m on the way to the gym then the office but yeah I just wanted to share a little insight of things I’ve been seeing and with my clients a lot of times I get waves.

Of clients for a certain thing one week I’ll get a wave of anxiety clients another week I’ll get a wave of couples counseling and I mentioned this in another.

Video and someone asked me to give a little bit more insight on this and yeah that they they saw one of my last videos where I mentioned that when polarity switch with couples sexual chemistry goes away and this is something that I just started seeing a lot with my clients I’ve seen so many people right now I’ve been doing this work for a while and.

I think by now I’ve probably seen somewhere over 800 cases and I always see that when a woman takes a masculine role and the man takes the softer feminine role sexual chemistry goes away and there’s a lot of frustration and the women at first for some reason they like that in the beginning but then they get frustrated with.

Have to take the leadership role they have to carry the relationship and they get annoyed with it they get bored with it there’s I’ve had clients where there’s even a there even there.

Even inventing mental disorders they’re depressed they’re bored emotional why because they don’t have that leader and they’re stuck in a relationship with this leader and sometimes they use this stuff to try to get away so yeah that that’s what I mean when.

When polarity switch sexual.

Chemistry goes away and when I helped them switch it back and and the reason it switches it’s because something happened in the past with their with their parents they maybe they saw the guy saw a douchebag dad so he internally made an internal decision too soft enough I’m never gonna be like my dad and I feel sorry for what my mom went through.

So I’m never gonna be mean I’m never gonna be firm and this is unconscious don’t think it’s conscious so I am the same thing for the woman maybe they.

Had a controlling mother that woman or they saw the dad cheating so she decided I’m gonna be in control I’m gonna be the one I’m gonna call people.

Out on their crap and but in doing that they become a little they tilt too much to the masculine and they attract feminine men because in relationships I made another video about this whatever you repress you’re gonna attract someone.

Who over expresses that until you learn balance so so yeah that’s the little insight I wanted to share yeah one polarity switch and it’s.

I’ve been seeing that almost with every case when these couples come in with that.

Situation every case when she’s more masculine he’s more feminine sexual chemistry goes away the woman in the long run starts feeling like she’s mothering a man or she says she’s the one taking care of the man she’s the one that has to step up and a woman in her.

Primal mind she wants to feel safe she wants to feel like the man is protecting her she wants to depend on a man.

That leads but when the man doesn’t have those traits when he doesn’t have that masculine leadership energy she feels she doesn’t feel like she doesn’t feel safe she doesn’t feel like she has a man.

She feels like she’s babying someone comment and the questions to see what you think of this video maybe to get into more details and I have much time just right now when I’m driving so yeah comment in the video see ya give your insight or ask ask me any questions you have an alternate answer to look to the best of.

My ability so yeah hope you guys have a good day peace and I’m out.


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