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Buddy I want to thank you for watching this video I’m here in my study slash piano room in the middle of night beautiful small town Winfield Alabama you know it’s the middle not because they’re not kids jumping all over me or climbing around screaming Holly I also will tell you don’t adjust the volume of the sound in your.

Video this is me this is the way I talk tell people when I’m on vacation that I’m from Alabama everybody assumes that people in Alabama top funny so they believed it and which I am from Alabama and then I tell people in Alabama I’m from Louisiana.

So I just offended everyone in the class Paulie but anyways I’m here to give my or defense for my paper which is on.

Weather these days in the Genesis account our 24-hour days I chose this topic because of previous experience writing my last we sorts paper on whether the gifts of the spirits have ceased I have a Pentecostal background I have.

Drifted been so the Baptist took five or six years now and I was quite unsure on what I believed exactly so I chose that topic on that last paper to figure out what I believed and it was caused me a lot of headache and I also found out that both sides of that cessation debate argue over completely different things they don’t really have understanding of what each other means and oftentimes.

They they believe very similar but yet they thought like doing completely different spots spots but anyway so I chose this one because I’m pretty sure I believed in a 24-hour day days of creation and I chose it because of my spirits both sides are arguing over.

Saying topics before I go any further I want to tell you that this paper does not cover the signs it is only about the biblical evidence and one more particular three different topics of what the meaning of the word day the Peters words in the second Peter 3 and whether animals died before the.

Sin oh the scent of humans and those are the three topics I discuss.

Did not go into the different theories about the creator of the universe such as a gap theory because they are those who believe that University and the off is owed but also believe in 24-hour literal days that’s why I chose it and what my paper was about now the weakness of my paper is the last topic and a lot about whether animals died before sin I say this is the weakness because I’ve never come up with an answer this is actually one reason that before this.

Was pretty sure I believed in a 24 hour days and I still do believe in 25 days but I don’t know how I feel about this topic because after we start seeing and going from one side to the other side to the other side and back again and all around found that I couldn’t really find an answer that both sides make compelling arguments.

But I also found that people who believe in 24 hour days 24 hour days in creation also I can’t believe that animals died before seeing they’re all people who believe in an odd or that believes that the days and Genesis were 24-hour days so I kind of got off topic in my reach and was looking like my paper was going to.

Be over 20 pages long so I had to shorten that topic and I never when I still don’t have a good answer about that do you have to really address what the wattle means by life and you really go throughout the Bible from.

Cover to cover to figure out whether animals died before sin it’s a very confusing argument anyways so I’m gonna straight to my wheat people I think are the other two arguments to me the.

Meaning of the word day in Genesis is obvious he’s talking about.

A 24-hour period he uses the words morning and evening he uses the Lords of the the number he Nobu’s today’s he also later on in Genesis uses the word yield so you know if if a day is equal to you then does that mean 365 years uh anyway so I thought that was a strong argument that that’s what he thought the Arado is.

Talking about and then I think second Peter 3 my argument in that his song as well a lot of dnase people say those voice has some he crazy some formula for the days of creation a day equals a thousand days.

Or a thousand years and I don’t didn’t see Peter who was talking about that to me Peter was talking about how people will come one day and.

People will say that the world is not going to in Christ is not going to come because everything has continued as it always has.

And and he was pretty much saying that look God is pacing we.

Waiting for that moment where you can save as many people as possible really we should did our second Peter 3 that we should go forth and evangelize the world and also the day and age do they use second Peter 3 because they believe that Peter was quoting from Psalms 91 was written by Moses and in Psalms 90 is talked.

About a day equals a thousand years and morning in the evening but he’s talking in more of a working you would say a figurative sense and so they use that so.

It’s kind of like a backdoor way of using Peter to show what Moses meant but I thought that the argument was was weak that the context of.

Second Peter 3 is pretty obvious in fact I would agree with the those who believe in a 24-hour day that to swing the only link to that chapter is the fact that Peter relies on the flood a catastrophic event to – so that one day another catastrophic event to ritorna Christ becomes and so that that provides support to the 24-hours who believe that the fossil record is like it is.

Events such as creation and the flood so.

That that’s why painful and I want to thank you for reading it I hope you.

Enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed researching it I found out lots of new things and lots of new ideas and lots of things to think over and wonder upon I want to thank you for the opportunity to to write it and I want to thank you for watching this video and I hope you have a great day or great night wherever you are watching it and I.

Wish you all the best and y’all be blessed that’s it for me thank you thank you very much.

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