Best Post-ultra Run Stretches (10 Min Routine For Faster Recovery)

It goes without saying that you’re going to be tired after running an ultramarathon race or a long-distance run in training but before you get back in that car or sit at your computer or thump on the sofa spend at least 5 to 10 minutes doing these key stretches for a quicker recovery and to help prevent aching muscles the.

Next day hi I’m Claire from.

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For links to more great trail and ultra running exercises to make you stronger fitter and faster right let’s get into these stretches this is my basic stretch routine after a long run or an ultra distance race I’ll do it in real-time so you can just put this on at the end of the run and follow it easy enjoy alright we’re gonna start with a calf stretch so one leg forward.

One leg back the leg at the front is bent and the leg at the back is straight with a softness to the knee don’t ever lock the knees out lean forwards.

With this stretch and you should feel it in the calf muscle we’re just gonna hold it there we’re gonna hold each of these stretches for twenty to thirty seconds which is the ideal amount of time to be holding.

A stretch for so there are two muscles in the car the gastrocnemius and the soleus and this.

Basic stretch here is doing the.

Gastrocnemius the larger one but then you want to just bend at the knee to just get that celeste muscle there as well standing.

Up for these stretches can be quite hard after doing an ultra race so don’t worry the rest of the exercises are gonna be on the floor so.

20 seconds swap over same on the other leg shoulders up and.

Back hips nice and straight engage this demo Trussell slightly and look head try to keep breathing – this is a good time to relax and think about how the race went or how your training run went consider this a.

Your training and a vital part of your recovery for the next day as well so bending slightly at the knee again with us Elias if you find that this stretch doesn’t work for you you can also use a cab okay so those are the calf muscles done and now that we sat down on the ground we can just move the legs forwards to do the hamstrings so first of.

All you just want to be sitting with your legs straight out in front of you.

And just lean forwards very slowly it’s bending from the hip here not doing a back stretch to feel a nice stretch down the back of the legs and if you point your toes really far up into the air you’ll find that that also targets.

Your calf muscles as well so if you’ve got long enough arms you can grip the bottom of your shoes for this one and just use it to help pull yourself forward okay so.

This one targets the whole legen and you can sometimes feel it a bit more in the calf so I like to just hook one leg up like this for a bit more of an intense.

Stretch in the hamstring muscle here so back of the leg so make.

Your hips this way facing forwards and just burn forwards again from the hips keep the stomach brace slightly and shoulders down and just.

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