Secretary Mattis On Prioritizing U.s. Security Challenges

How did we look at the threats in the world we looked at them really from three different angles one was power one was urgency and one was will because we’re in a competition of sorts to maintain this world and turn it over hopefully in slightly better condition than we received it in terms of raw power right now I.

Look at Russia and the nuclear arsenal they have I look at their activities.

Over the last 10 years from Georgia and Crimea to the donuts Basin to Syria I.

On their violation to buy an F for example but in terms of just power I think it’s clearly Russia that we have to look at and address.

In terms of urgency there’s two one is the current fight against the violent extremists for example the defeat Isis coalition is 70 nations plus four international organizations working on that fight that is ongoing we.

Must continue that that character of warfare that is very unusual we call it irregular but at the same time in terms of urgency is the DPRK the North.

Korea nuclear and missile programs that are clearly a violation of international sanctions are clearly a threat to peace and stability in terms of will clearly it’s China now in China’s case we look at it is different than.

Russia Russia wants security around its periphery by having insecurity with other nations they want a veto authority over the economic the diplomatic and the security decisions of the nations around them China on the other hand seems to want some sort of tribute states around them we are looking for how do we work with China I think the 15 years from.

Now we will remembered most.

For how did we set the conditions for a positive relationship with China..

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