My Skin Care Routine – Skin Care And Advide For Teenagers

So today I’m going to be doing my skincare routine so I’m not gonna lie I do have pimples on my forehead I don’t know if it’s visible in camera but I do have a few not although I have one of my nose I’m not gonna lie to you guys I do have them everyone gets them at one stage.

And yeah before you decide in this video.

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It I mean that February let’s just get straight onto this video alright guys the first thing I do is I actually do wash my face I don’t actually wash it with like.

Any products I only use warm water and my hands so I just get warm water and just rub it with my fingertips around my face and give it a nice cleanse so I don’t actually use any products while.

I wash my face I know that’s a bit weird because I know a lot of people do but I don’t so yeah and then once I’ve done that I do try my hair up for that I wished I’d be showing you kind of like without.

Water or what I do so I’m just gonna tie the hair up now and yeah this isn’t gonna be the.

Prettiest and then I do put a headband on because I don’t want to get it in my hair yes my face has normally been washed with.

Then what I go in with is I go in.

With the tea tree and witch hazel clean cleansing tonic it just looks like this I actually got like none left a bit and I’ve actually run out of this but whatever and then I just kind of thing just look like that let’s get back and then I just open it up and then just be like ooh that.

To get some of this song and then I just.

Wipe the area so it’s row me my forehead that get gets a lot of spots I might know sometimes if you can see I got a big.

Red one I don’t know if you can see let me camera but whatever see I just Roma forward down this isn’t a bit like washing your face as well just like a teaching oil kind of face cleanser sorry that’s what I would normally do on a day-to-day basis if I didn’t have spots but to treat my pimples I used their teacher medicated gel actually.

I know I don’t have acne but I used to use this I don’t say yeah and it’s in the little box and just take it out and then it looks like that yeah it looks like that and then I just get a tiny bit because you don’t need a lot and then I.

My pimples and as I said I wouldn’t use this if I didn’t have pimples I would just.

Use her like the cleaning tonic but I normally always have Impuls I’m trying to get rid of.

Them so yeah I just order up at that erupts on my nerves and yeah this is TJ oil again it’s only natural at least those two.

Things are and yeah and then I also go in with some rapid action action pimple cream and it says it visibly reduces pimple size.

And redness in as little as four hours and it actually does work and then yeah.

Just get this looks like that and I just squeeze a little out.

Again you don’t need a lot and then I just put that are you about my pimples as well and as I said this really don’t work.

Don’t know what I would do without this stuff it’s really awesome and that’s what I do I do that two times a day and that is literally all I do guys this is probably going to be a real quick video because it’s just.

Not that big a deal and still quite knowing so I don’t you know go too over-the-top but that’s my go-to product so this is the end of the video guys I hope you enjoyed it if you want about any of these products I’ll link them in the description and also before you go and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and give this video a big thumbs.

Up if you enjoyed it and I’ll see you guys next week bye guys.

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