Vitamin A Challenge And Review

Hey guys it’s Gabby and Veronica and we’re gonna be doing a three day vitamin-a challenge so in this challenge we’re going to be taking vitamin A supplements eating vitamin or foods enriched with vitamin A and then at the end of the three days we’re gonna be telling you the results of how we feel and everything that happened and.

Also during the video we’re gonna give you some facts and some cool things about vitamin A that you might have not know today’s sponsor is milania’s vicious vitamin what is vitamin.

A you might ask vitamin A comes.

In two forms preformed and pro vitamin also known as beta-carotene which both give a source of retinol retinol is crucial in maintaining.

Good eyesight vitamin A also plays a pivotal role in maintaining healthy teeth skin soft and skeletal tissue and mucous membranes day one we’re gonna start up day one with a vitamin A back so vitamin A was discovered in 1912 by a biochemist named Frederick Balan Hopkins he found that there were unknown factors in milk that were essential for growth.

Vitamin A was also first synthesized in 1947 and we’re each gonna take one because that is the recommended dosage yeah hey guys so.

We just woke up this morning and I feel super refreshed like my eyesight like I don’t know why but like it just seems like a lot clearer and you look glowing I know I honestly feel like mice so glowing just so like maintained and like much more healthier than it was yesterday definitely from the vitamin-a hey guys so today we’re going to be showing you guys how to.

Make a smoothie that’s really really rich in vitamin A some foods that are super rich in vitamin A are carrots sweet potato and green leafy vegetables.

We’re not through those things we have some spinach and carrots and we’re going to be showing you guys how to make a really nice smoothie with this so as we said earlier in the video.

There’s preformed and pro vitamin A so preforms usually is found with animal products and pro.

Vitamin A is usually found in plant-based products so like carrots and spinach and um the most common form is beta carotene it’s going to be showing you guys how to make it a maybe smoothie with just a couple ingredients so we’re gonna put it in there and then we’re gonna take some carrots we also have to take.

Our daily supplement of milania’s.

Vicious vitamins while we’re thinking this were going to talk about the DRS for vitamin A.

Dietary allowance for vitamin A for.

Men and women is between nine hundred and seven hundred micrograms the estimated I was requirement is based on the assurance of adequate stores of vitamin A the tolerable upper intake level of vitamin A is three thousand micrograms of.

Preformed vitamin A hey guys in state three so woke up this morning feeling creative once again all things to Milani fishes vitamins and also all the vitamins you become such a big difference yes definitely for sure.

For today’s fun fact we’re gonna be talking about symptoms and deficiency and toxicity of vitamin A so to start off we’re going to be talking about symptoms of toxicity so too much vitamin A can lead to symptoms of nausea reduce appetite vomiting and headaches another severe case of too much vitamin A can be the illness pseudotumor cerebri and symptoms of that include severe headaches blurred vision and ringing in the ears so vitamin A deficiency is most common in infants young children breastfeeding women and.

Pregnant women in developing countries this often occurs in pregnant or breastfeeding women because they need extra nutrients in order to provide food away women with vitamin A deficiency are also more likely to have anemia children with vitamin A defeat you you are more likely to have delayed growth and premature babies with deficiency of vitamin A usually have a higher risk of getting gastrointestinal or eye diseases so now we’re going to take our last supplement hey guys so side note I.

Want to add is that one perception of vitamin A that’s changed over time is that people have been thinking.

That vitamin A can make people live longer and contree illnesses I’ve done some research into this and it showed that vitamin A can help prevent certain diseases and illnesses such as cancer but it is not technically has not technically been proven that it.

Can treat certain illnesses such as cancer and other things like that so over the past three days I think me and Veronica can both agree that we’ve had great benefits from taking the vitamin E supplements so personally like I felt that I’ve had better eyesight and Veronica has definitely notice that her skin is like that’s like glowing on the clear.

So overall this was a great experience.

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