Emily Wood South News Morning Weather 2018 10 25

Good morning we have got some dry and some brighter weather with us at once again it today it is feeling that bit colder though some mist and fog patches of what watch out for first thing and some cloudy conditions generally by the end of the day as well so miss some fog with us this morning should it clear.

Well we’ll see some sunny spells at times but generally through the afternoon more cloud in the sky and it’s not going to feel quite so pleasant as it did yesterday afternoon maximum temperatures between 12 and 14 degrees the winds generally night but still coming down from the north or northwest.

We’re keeping quite a bit of cloud with us through the night so not too cold a night really minimum temperatures between 7 and 10 degrees and then tomorrow we’ve got this cold front coming down for the.

North bringing with it some shower rain for.

A time behind that it will feel much much colder despite there being some sunshine and highs of 11 degrees and continuing to be colder for the weekend.