Browsers Castle In Minecraft (done By My Brother Plus Read Desciption)

Don’t say anything just can you still leave me around area or no oh yeah okay your triangle thing nice and tall I’ll put it on mine and then I’ll describe my head to my subscribers what this is Oh what’s the other one no way you leave me back go leave me back okay so you’re so working in the.

Kitchen if you guys have some ways to help my brother on.

Making me a kitchen can you make a video for that for Minecraft cough cough I am talking about Leo Ultima if you can show me there’ll be.

A great help oh wait slow down I want to see if if you guys can.

See the brightness Pizza those are staying glass I think can you try to move closer idol trying to see oh there we go if you can you guys can kind of see there’s some colored stained glass that with glowstone a little Loula some glowstone behind it stone lamp redstone lamps yeah sure okay my wheels are just pop its cage um that’s hold on I’m trying to breathe realize that Bowser’s throne I think that the really small.

Throne for such a big character in the.

Mario world okay this is actually all done by my brother he takes like all weekend just build.

A creation sometimes he has his friends help them yay I just realized your ceilings are really really low like can you still.

Do oh okay thanks to my brother he does he’s really good at some things I don’t know if you guys.

Can see it but there’s what.

Are those what are you showing bridge yep you’re not gonna set it off to show or how are you okay he’ll show he’ll show.

You sometime later you should put it.

I ship you should put a sign saying under construction to that hey don’t swear on my channel so Ethan how long do you think this has tooken you what what was the hardest part about.

This whole castle this is all done by my brother he’s he’s.

Really good at it but certain things okay yeah you guys you can talk now as you can see guys so these are all of the um Koopa clown cars the first one we’ve got here is on.

Bowser’s in here balls fireballs cough cough fire chars in charge clown car sorry for the bad video video quality I’ll have to do boy Wendy wary Lemmy Morton and Iggy Pop alright so there’s nothing in here there’s no ammo in.

Here again if you guys can’t see it my bad I’m still trying to figure out how to work on this whole YouTube thing with basically my brother he takes give or take days over the week over the weekend.

Just to do this kind of stuff this is all done by him he makes all of this that’s a really bad table no I can help you later and the mega cannon the grand candy this one here will fire it some worker spaces for them for the minions as we’re gonna have hammer bros and dry bones and I’m cooking.

Troopers off Cooper’s always a fun there later yeah he’s just giving.

Us a Oh taste there we go giving us a brief tour sorry for the lack of like videos guys I’m actually I’m trying to get over a flu right now but so far I’m feeling a bit better to actually do.

A video for you guys but yeah this is all done bard.

My brother what we me and him showed.

You today he takes great pride on it and also seven from what Sonic the Hedgehog won the first zone in the.

Game Green Hell is a really good stage and music is catchy and also these are basically death.