Great Idea Competition

Hello operator my name is resulta Kim I am from the land of unreal which is Sarawak East Malaysia one of the great ideas that I have in mind and I’m really hoping to do is to build a longhouse as the homestay and also as a rented house where other people can stay in the experience besides even people only.

This is the longhouse other things will be provided such as cost representation nearby in a small restoring selling culture food playground and other facilities along houses among people traditional.

Is the largest tribe in Sarawak East Malaysia in Allah house it contains at least 10 doors and usually more than 20 doors connected to each other the people.

That are living in the longhouse are mostly related to each other and for us alone house brings unique we can communicate and make friends easily with everyone.

With this idea my goals are to unite everyone should wear the left among each other to have everyone Hunter’s explain the light in the low.

House and home first to make.

A killing so please support my idea and help me to fulfill my goals..