Stop & Shop Must Do Deals + Clearance

Hi everyone welcome back to clipping for coupons with Valli I went back to stop and shop this week because I did come across some clearance items that I felt that were worth going back for so the best clearance item that I could find at my store they didn’t have a lot left but it was on the limited time.

Originals the fall favorites any package that has a pumpkin on it should now be clear instantiate the.

Regular priced three dollars you’ll save 225 per package and they are just ringing up for 75 cents so make sure you guys look out for anything that has the limited time originals with.

A pumpkin pattern on it so those are 75 cents make sure you guys get those the Poland Spring they sent me free coupon a while back so that eight-pack was completely free it was a little over $4 for 18 to be exact so that coupon covered that with no overage.

One deal that I did that had quite a bit of overage was the suave and this week when you spend $10.

On suave you’ll save three dollars instantly that ten dollars is before any of your coupons so if your store stacks this will also be a great deal as well so if your store does not stack the digital coupons you can ignore this this right here that says digital and it could be a $3 instant savings for you so your.

Going to buy a five of them now the reason why I picked up the two and one is because those were the cheapest ones.

At the store and they were two dollars and twenty-nine cents each so five of them will bring the total to 11:45 I used a $3 off to digital so that did come off but if your store does not stack just use this as the instant savings I used two of the $3 off two coupons giving me six dollars in savings with those coupons I also used one of the $1 off one.

Coupons because we did get five of.

Them so that drops the total down to 145 for five of them or just 29 cents each but if your store allows stacking this is going to be let’s see a good moneymaker and also make sure you guys.

Check the rebate apps as well just to see if anything has changed and we may be able to get money back I have not.

Moneymaker deal is on this Johnson’s head to toe ten point two fluid ounce these are three dollars and eight cents at my store prices do vary by store and by region but there are three dollars and eight cents there is a $2.

00 off digital coupon from the Stop and Shop app pair that up with the $2.

00 off Internet printable from coupons.

Going to be completely free plus a 92 cent money maker if you guys watched my last video I did.

Do this same deal again it is on the dole pineapple these are a dollar each and if you go.

To the dole website you can print off a coupon for 75 cents off too so that ends up making these just 25 cents each or 50 cents for two of them also two very quick and easy freebies you just go right to the app and load these coupons to your card one of them was on the Campbells and one of them.

Was on the pasta now I did have a coupon that was sent to me by one of you guys for 75 cents off won that coupon did double to.

150 so this was a pretty good moneymaker after the manufacturer coupon and the free coupon in the app the pasta is actually a little bit of a moneymaker this week as well and again all you have to do to take advantage of this deal is go to the Stop & Shop app and load.

Your card so this week they are on sale for 77 cents and there was a personal discount that did come off for 77 cents making it completely free so I actually thought that there was.

A little bit of overage from that and I know people have been getting it.

But now that I’m looking at my receipt I don’t see that any overage came off so let’s look at my.
Receipt so all of those cups were just 75 cents and I.

Bought five of them here’s the pasta right here 77 cents actually it’s a little bit of overage by eight cents because the bonus.

By savings that means that it’s on sale and it did.

Take off the full 77 cents so I guess it was a little bit of a moneymaker and here is the campbell soup the personal discount is always the coupons that you can find on your stop and shop card and here is that personal discount for the suave here are all my coupons so out of pocket for all of these items i paid one dollar and ninety three cents so that is awesome so I just wanted to share that really quickly quickly with you.

Guys hopefully this is helpful and if you have any questions let me know check out my previous stop and shop video.

If you guys are interested there is an awesome deal on cake mixes in frosting the holidays are coming so you’re definitely going to need to.

Stock up on paper plates and cups so go to stuff and shop let me know what you guys can find.

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