Emily Wood Bbc West News Weather 10.25.2018 – 60 Fps

Hello good morning we have got some dry and some brighter weather with us at once again it today some Istanbul patches to watch out for first thing and it is turning over and feeling much cooler through today as well so the best sunshine it through this morning the mist and fog should clear as it goes through the day.

We’ll generally see more clouds still some brighter spells but overall a Claudia picture by the end of the.
Afternoon the winds fairly light but coming down from the north.

Or northwest and it’s going to feel that bit cooler today highs of just 12 or 13 degrees through tonight I think generally quite a cloudy night so not too cold for tonight minimum temperatures between 7 and 10 degrees there is a cold front now approaching from the north that may bring a few showers first thing in the morning after that some sunshine but it does turn things that bit colder there’s going to be some sunshine across the weekend but feeling.
Basely cold in those northerly winds..

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