Eric Elwell Weather Update For Dayton Ohio Whio T.v.

Our ball is 2,200 run a couple minutes ago right now the jackpots it’s at six hundred twenty million dollars if you win we take the cash option I walk away with 350 some places in the Miami Valley cover reputation for selling winning lottery tickets last night BG’s mini market Kettering sold a 1 million dollar Mega Millions ticket just.

Because he didn’t match the Mega Millions numbers doesn’t mean we didn’t win check down the Ohio Lottery app and scan your ticket anywhere tonight the hunters move on but.

In the harvest mode was last month but she look closer here using the tractors were in the fields tonight this was from Springfield Terry’s living that one end worked by the in might try to harvest in or the wet attorneys will rougher reaching as we head through the end of the week at weekend it’s where.

Or just shot the Falcon here in downtown why they got it up to that looks like 39 degrees or these winds at six it was like 35 though but.

That touch of a breeze out there we will see Franklin but this guy isn’t likely for us to be reflect some of that you might have caught it now the firm two degrees tonight locked down to 32 in Springfield before Roman to 33 Oxford we’ve got clear skies across the valley you may have noticed some of the highly thin cirrus.

Clouds can get into a ride high pressure over us right now now keep us quiet as we get through tonight take a look to the south and west seen the iPhones we didn’t push in and I was good we wanted at least a lot of times to come in tomorrow it will hold the precipitation back other day by about lunchtime Friday some of this moisture will start to right and look for the rain to arrive that will stick.

Around into Friday night and then we have swings of rain as we get through the weekend into early next week as well there’s one Futurecast easy to see the Ravens as.

Opposed to missus Arkansas and Missouri and abortion so far enough away we’ll see something like 30 days experience eye shadow at six o’clock we’ll.

See it’s going to become mostly cloudy and unclasping good job as we head through the night into Friday 180 and fry still dry but by lunchtime we’ll start with this passing showers to develop south and north this is under Stein heading into the evening you get to pick up sort of the rain.
Quality and continue more moderate.

As we get into Friday night light is sticking around into Saturday morning it does their peers.

Begin later in the day Saturday.

We get in between systems we may dry out Saturday afternoon through Saturday night but another wave of rain coming in Sunday.

Afternoon or Sunday night high temperatures tomorrow about 50 to 55 you pretty still.

Pretty close to where we were today as we need some of that something but had full sunshine along with my to 60 just not going to. about 49 at noon climb into the lower 50s and lunch 53 degrees at 5:00 o’clock being broadcast if you are that some kids heading out the.
Circuitry as we head through the weekend couple of showers.

Saturday Huisman dry out Saturday night unfortunately Sunday night cooking but raining early Monday but it should improve it does get cooler as we head into.

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