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Hey this is Eric I think Facebook is still the number one place to go to when you want to find friends and I want to find prospects and customers for your online business but after stop supporting the the Facebook Graph search it may be a bit more difficult to find friends in your niche or with the interest that.

So I found this great little tool that you can use for.

Free to find people and I wanted to show you how to install that so.

If we go and look at by the way this has to be we run in in Google Chrome.

And I always use Google Chrome because of all extensions you can have to it so if you open up more tools and extensions these are my extensions but if we scroll down we want to add a new extension and I click that and if I search for a thing called Facebook you ID I think that’s enough yeah there is a extension called Facebook you ID scrape or light which I’m using and if I click that this comes up now this.

Is some extension that you can’t really install the normal weight just by adding to Chrome because it will not work as before because of different regulations so we go down here and click website and it will open up the website for for the developer of this extension and if he scroll down you will see that they do have.

A pro version premium version and two free versions I am using the the ultimate.

Ultimate free one and I’m happy with that so I would like to show you how to use that if you compare them what you.

Get for $20 lifetime you can decide if you if you want to have that but for this example we were going to use the free version so all we have to do is down.
Click download zip file and you will see it immediately.

File so make sure you save it in a place where you can find it afterwards I have already done this and I know that I have it here on my desktop this is the Facebook UID scraper all you have to do is double click that one extract the map Facebook UID scraper the.

Folder sorry and once that is done you see that you have the folder Facebook UID scrape or if you click that you see you have all the files in.

There so now let’s head back to browser and we go to extensions again so if you go up to the top of the page normally.

This is what you will see are extensions and there is a box.

You you need to tick that one and it says developer mode and this is because of the regulations from from Chrome and Facebook we have to install this in a slightly different way than than other extensions so you just go and hit head and click load unpacked extent and on.

My desktop I have the Facebook UID scraper you see these other files I’ll just show you and click OK I have already done this nothing much happened when you click OK now it installs your extension and you will see that up here Facebook UID scraper ultimate so let’s.

Go ahead and I’ll show you how you can use this one for instance if I go to Facebook now and click that icon.

It opens up and looks like this first of all I need to come up with some search form let’s say let’s say I’m looking for people that have liked Eric warrior I’m pretty sure most of you know who Eric is and let’s put in another line here our work at let’s say.

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