Commissoner [ Me ] Approved Convoy For Graduating Ceremony (chief Sheriff Deputy)

Drei no you literally couldn’t just tell him to get the lights on all right cool so we’re gonna have you do we’re gonna have your drive the rear unit okay what we’re gonna have you drive the rear unit we would have let you but it since we don’t have wise here yeah I kind of did it in some.

Ice cream hey guys what’s up local why here it’s another live show today you’re going to be doing a graduating ceremony for officer Clark well chief Sheriff Jackie now that’s what we’re graduating well it’s not really.

Like yeah he’s pretty promotion ceremony pretty soon I mean if ya tre hurry he doesn’t even feel confident to take the captain’s application so yeah we’re gonna escort him all the way over here there’ll be a stage we have ceremony we’ll set up a few words and we’ll go from there um I guess we’ll wait for Brandon don’t have smoking fires back let me go see if I can buy some fireworks or what if they’re still song no.

That is there is none I still have my launcher for it yeah I know I have Rockets for my launcher Oh God very good no thank you oh this 11th grade English teacher was our.
Sub today for la lap so I walk in there on time she says.

Get out you have headphones in three other people had headphones in so for four people that sent down to mr. grodman for having headphones in some teachers don’t like 9:30 alright Brandon we’re.

Trusting you okay III don’t I don’t think you want me to drive you in uh in this yeah looks like I’m just gonna bomb the place no it’s not funny and I.
Just want to try this thanks for the congratulations.

Turn that down please KJ’s gotta be getting a promotion pretty soon kg would you copyright if I played the national anthem yes honestly yeah yeah you would that’s what.

I was thinking of all right whatever you guys are ready let’s get this beautiful conveyed going put the rocket launcher back in your butthole Clark get into my vehicle do not crash us Dre do not go too fast you not to go too slow as the convoy orders instructed to.
Do so oh nice a broken window.

Are you guys ready let’s go all right um yeah okay make sure.

You cleared the intersections – my copper have above the telly Shh.

Hidden thanks assassin vote for Clarke who over please truck stop for.

Andre you can best Lyrae if necessary I don’t think.

Clark wants the poetry okay what you were heading straight for tree all right Clark okay drugs random one three are you all right yeah okay to resume it all right pull over pull over pull over idiot.

Jesus continue that’s the opposite I wonder why you guys haven’t heard them to me he’s a founding father yeah that’s why I like LS unions better it’s not just bad I couldn’t really keep all the secrets dude we’re not even going full-throttle what do you mean I know cuz I keep pulling the handbrake train you look like you’re drunk you’re swimming you’re swerving my race is killing me from what I don’t even want to.

Know never mind only if you’re able to get flight units oh my god yeah that’s.

A real effort or like North Korea does you can just run beside the vehicle you’ll hit the.

Sign you went often yo you want me to go ahead he soured the pull my.

Hand you smell bacon we pull over real quick and by dre if you could check to score first.

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