Layton Sports Cards Live!

There we go six mom’s all right so let’s see and Rafi that’s Brian J crispy okay jerilyn juice okay Jeffrey are what’s going on guys how’s everybody doing today each okay condo count you twice Roy W should be it good there what’s up Chris it’s up Travis it’s what mark still got some spots available for today guys single.

Boxes number 5 6 & 7 & 8 5 6 7 & 8 first half is sold out the 2 full cases for today are sold out and then we got plenty of spots available for all of tonight’s breaks we’re starting this evening at 6:00 Eastern with a basically just a.

Flawless basketball all night man some spots are still available guys we’ve got serial number breaks we got tiered teams we got a big duel case with kobe eminence which is random hit style lots and lots and lots of breaks to choose from in all week long hoping to get you guys some monsters today better pull freaking love.

Get one this blade it’s crap I have no replacements here what’s up Tim how you don’t man all right guys let’s do.

This first random what’s up guys gals doing the random here for our first box of the day on release day 1718 flawless basketball one box our number one left side numbers good luck to everybody see what we got whoops that’s a 12 12 times on the first random here we go all right 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 and 12 Alex seed of Roy W top/bottom your numbers.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 for 216 top bottom all right let’s see what we got here all.

Right Alex see for Jason k15 cake condo 21 Alan m10 Brendan s11 crispy alan m6 Darren p2 Alan m24 Benedict 18 Joel each 17 Brian J 19 Alan m13 Craig M 9 – Kade.

22 Barak 23 Jeffrey are 25 Alan m12 Callie 1 Brock a3 Andrew v20 cally 14 Daryl m5d Lowe is 7 and Roy w16 get going here in a minute guys thanks her buddy give you a link to the results it’s up cliff.

How you doing man copy/paste all right there you go three four five see five is down the five five left four five make that four.

Four left four five get your spots guys stuff is crazy hot flawless is crazy hot Hey hello can somebody help the Frog please it’s not me see here all right once that guy’s sorry I need you for here though no I know should be – there’s two left here 11 12 15 hey Lanny hide don’t man let’s do it guys alright what’s going on guys gals rich here for leading sports cards ripping our first box.

On release day 1718 flawless basketball this is left side serial numbers best of luck everybody well let’s see what we got.

Here Alex C with a four spot Jason Cape 15 Kate condo 21 Alan m10 Brendon s11 crispy Allen m6 Darren P 2 Alan m24 Benedict D team Joel age 17 Brian J 19 Alan m13 Craig M 9 June k22 Barack 23 Jeffrey r-25 Alan m12 Kylie Juan Brock III Andrew v20.

Cally 14 Darrel m5d Louis 7 Android W 16 let’s do it first box of the day can I pull a logo man on the very first box guys let’s get these filled up we got four single boxers to fill for the day time breaks you got plenty of spots to fill for the night.

Time breaks I’m on Facebook by the way sign it there we go first up dual patch that’s pretty ten of ten JJ Barea Allen gets the first hit of the day grants Allen beautiful breath oh nice rookie patch that’s four of ten Jason Tatum sickness four-spot Alex C with the tatum patch way to go OTO is Isaiah rider ten of ten ten spot was Allen his second hit already Easy Rider it looks like eh Rita Otto behind it is five a 15 Calvin Murphy.

Five spot darlin there you go cried sterile after that we got autograph Gail Goodrich 17 with 25 17 spot Joel each way to go Joel behind that RPA Wow 205 look.

At that emerald our PA 2 of 5 Zack Collins to spot DP way to go man nice our PA to 5 make that auto behind it is Clyde Drexler 20 of 25 20 spot sorry Andrew Andrew V way to go Andrew what’s up Jason what’s up tre grat team’s revealing the Clyde the glide.

Oh and this one’s pretty look at this rookie patch Otto that’s sickness 9 of 10 Josh Jackson 9 spot with a boom 9 spot Cragen Congrats Craig sick Jackson our PA it’s a few mag that last wall – now they do – in this one what.

Basketballs been that way for a while first up I guess we’ll do this one that’s it dual diamond four of ten Sarah’s boy AI four-spot I would see with the second hit way to go Alex ich AI dole diamond 4.

Of 10 one away from a jersey number last hit first box is auto USA auto and a 7 of 25 my man Kyrie Irving 7 spot mr.

The first in case the auto of the day way to go bud and that will do it for first box we got single boxers 2 through 4 already sold out 5 6 7 and 8 for.

Today are very close let’s get them and topped off keep.

On rolling plenty spots left for the night two different styles get that uploaded here for you I’m not logged in what’s up ray all right fresh this it looks.

Like five sold-out yep six fifteen that’s ten left seven I left 10 and 14 that’s that why does this not save six left spots are coming in fast all right what are you freaking kidding me somebody cleared our internet history Wow like right that’s why you can’t sign it someone did that like minutes ago like before you try and login because all my stuff is gone because it’s all connected on Google Chrome somebody went.

On Google Chrome and deleted all the history did you do that.

Can’t log into your google clothes password changes yes you know it’s just thinking you get this finished here Oh one so we got out at sea Brock II make sure this is right first Brandon a Brendan s Jun K dinner P do you Lois Dylan s Edward each Jade thumb Wow one two so we’ve got Jason K Jeffrey are we tea twice el Chu horn twice Paul PE Richard C with three Ronnie P.

Taylor D Zack L it’s Zach H sup Logan hey you dumb bud what’s up guys doing the random here for single box number two flawless NBA on release day good luck let’s sneak eyes is re-roll I got a 12 inch sneak eyes today that’s a seven and we’re right in the middle seven times are close to it anyway here we go all right one two three four.

Five six seven or an up top twice Brandon a at the bottom number is one two three.

Four five six and seven 22:25 top bottom see who’s got what here all right Oren 20 and 13 Dylan s 22 D Louis one rigid c15 Darrin p21 Zach l7 Brock 12 Jason k3 Richard C 23 li t 24 chin k-16 l qu 11 Brendan s – Alex C 19 Taylor for li t fives a cayde-6 Jeffrey r18 Richard C 14 ever date.

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