#morningnewstoday Weather Forecast

Good morning Dan and it’s a clear and dry start across South Africa on our satellite you’ll see very little happening only a few cards flashing over the southern parts and then you’ll see a bit of card settled in over the far northeastern part of the country but other than that uninterrupted uninterrupted sunshine and blue skies overhead with the.

Dry in hot weather they say where the service of issued a high fire.

Danger warning over the western part of South Africa but the runaway fires puzzle and there’s still a special weather advisory for heatwave conditions that.

Continued over parts of the western and northern cape however were expecting things to cool.

Off along the coastline as we head towards the weekend here’s a look at our rain and card forecasts very little happening across the.

Country at the moment you’ll see predominantly clear skies there’s a very strong high pressure settled in over the eastern part of the country and that keeps us atmospheric conditions very stable and allows so they’re very settled weather and that just.
Means that that is sits across South Africa and allows us to.

Heat up into the afternoon also see to low pressures along the coastline as that air descends from the plateau towards the coast and we’re expecting very hot and uncomfortable weather over parts of the Western Cape with sunshine for most weather stations across the country on Thursday now that also means a drier day across.

South Africa no rainfall in the forecast with that sunshine and blue skies overhead in the Northeast are expecting a maximum of 32 degrees for Pretoria and patch of strim though she falls for her towards fiber 27 for emmalin.

Where the high just shy of said she and Johannesburg the Free State also remains dry and hot 33 degrees for plum contained Bethlehem a 29 and that hot weather moving into acquitted in itself 34 for Ladysmith 33 degrees for Petersburg with kamon iam tatta be sure and even makanda also all topping 33 degrees be keeping the no thirties a so here towards the coastline with the moderate north easterly wind for Durban and Richard said we’ll see more of a southeasterly Lizabeth andy stanton both.

Of the cooler day with those maximum temperatures heading into the upper 20s and along the east coast will see a very small small of only one meter from the northeast still sizzling hot over the southern part though you’ll see highs hitting into the middle and upper 30s across here fred is all typing 40 degrees to the final drier day we head into the 20s as we head towards the curse of.
The missive card for platenburg.

Bay and Jeffrey said we’re the last murdered southeasterly wind all the way.

And then you’ll see south westerly winds through to muizenberg with a small slot of one meter from the southwest and that’s at 11 seconds iving synopsis any 37 degrees 33 s were here towards star and Sutherland.
Even warming up to 31 you keeping the low that.

He says we’re here towards the coastline with the moderate southwesterly wind for Langevin and Lambert’s faith kept on expecting a moderate southerly wind with Alexander bear topping 34 degrees and Rafal casting a one-meter southwest cities fall along that west coast in fact.

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