Opening Pokemon Cards With Random People!

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to lien art we are more than a channel we are a community I am here at the exclusive Pokemon lets go Pikachu and let’s go Eevee event at Clyde Warren Park in Dallas Texas and I thought it’s time for another random people open up pokemon card packs pokemon card packs hello how’s it goin what.

Very nice to meet you so I am trying to get random people to open up.

These random packs of burning shadows would you be down to open up this patch sure yeah awesome all right so go ahead and get cracking into that.

Pack have you opened up a lot of random pokemon cards before ooh what’s your favorite set that’s a really good set came out a few years ago yeah you can just put that in a right there and code card all right and let’s see what you get oh you’re doing the card trick very nice okay so on energy potent porygon – weakness policy morale Esper dustbowl oddish blood pray noibat an erect oh no luck on the pool right there but I’ll tell you what.

You can have all those cards Sam I just want to say thank you so much for opening up the very first pack you’re here at the if you could put them on let’s go Pikachu event right what out what game are you excited to play the he could she wonder the ev1 bb-better yeah all right.

I think since we’ve already had a chance to play with Phoebe Chinpokomon yellow we’ve never gotten to play with EVs icing let’s go you that’s perfect I’d sample thanks so much.

And I’ll see you later excuse me sir hey sorry to bother you but uh so there’s a Pokemon event going on right over there yeah all that pretty hard to miss yeah there’s pokemon card pack right here I’m getting random people to open the.

Pass up and you don’t know you don’t need to know anything about Pokemon I don’t know if you do or not but when you help me out and opening up this pack sure I know nothing about it but uh yeah okay I appreciate the help thank you so much trysting so yeah go ahead it’s very difficult to open up the packs but if.

You can do it in under 30 seconds I’ll be very impressed wow this is a like Fort Knox here very very good – it is all right so this is what I want you to do first off that is a code card can.

You show that to the stream the other side thank you so much I’ll take that yeah there’s a card trick what you do okay simply take.

The four cards on top but don’t look at them okay so take four of them and put them on the bottom easy enough perfect now what you’re going to do this is the hard part about opening the pack wasn’t daughter’s that was pretty sad about that go through each of the cards and do the best you can.

To pronounce the Pokemon days go through each of the cards yeah so flip the top one up to have a flip actually flip the whole thing over and go through one by one letting me know what the heart is also you can do energy I think I can get that.

One our one keep more perfect kirlia pretty close yeah really uh yeah Wow simisage that’s pretty good hand sage perfect tan for perfect porygon yeah this isn’t too bad oh what a lowland or ratata pretty close thank you I’ll take it I see this a long time ago Charmander a brother used to.

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