Episode 1217 | The Line: The Politics Of Attack Ads And Endorsements

And it’s not just attack ads candidates are pulling out all the stops with just days to go before the midterm elections there’s also the endorsement game in those high profile celebrity fundraising events to hear about all the time here to break it down for us our this week’s line opinion panelists join at the table by Laura Sanchez reveille.

She’s an attorney at Cuddy and McCarthy LLP Andy Lyman’s here he’s a reporter for the NM Political Report one of our regulars Tom Garrity of the Garrity group.
PR is with us after his spin at.

Balloon Fiesta glad you survived glad you’re here and Mary units reporter for The Associated Press Tom I start with you the attack ads are now coming fast and.

Furious as we would predict they would be the Breaking Bad ad and the governor’s race kind of interesting comparing michelle lujan-grisham to Walter White second commercial district has a free-for-all of attack ads going on right now the fundamental every cycle this comes up though these things work they do attack.

Ads and negativity does it work at the end of day for the candidate like it but it.

Does work in your reason why it discourages those who are in the middle from thinking oh my gosh I don’t want any part of this and it in it really empowers those who are you know the zealots who are going oh yeah.

I totally agree with that even though it’s it’s wrong misinformation so you know I I don’t like it I usually if I have my DVR and it comes on I’m fast-forwarding through it until I see that you know paid for by because it’s just it’s an unfortunate you know information and factual information seems to.

Be an innocent bystander exactly you’ve been around this game on both sides of it as a as a citizen and as someone who’s run campaigns and then statewide as well for the Democratic Party did negative ads work.

And is it more of a desperation thing if you see you’re behind by double-digit points you might as well just go there and see what what happens well I think you start to.

See that when there’s there is sort of a desperation happening and then of course there’s responses to those ads that sort of you know makes it that much more negative so it’s usually you know you’ll see I mean you’ll see people take very what I call cheap shots.

At each other when they are sort of starting to get desperate the attack ads on this one actually started right around the time I expected them to but I think.

They will see an uptick of some of them from other candidates so the two gubernatorial ones.

Have been going on for a while but there’s also other races now that I’m starting to see negative ads on each other the state auditors race for example has one there’s there’s other ones down.

Ballot that what I think we’re probably gonna see but I think what’s interesting about those ads is that there’s also a confirmation bias for people who are inclined one way or the other so you see them and they really you know that they’re muted to the negativity if that’s not there can’t you know.

If your candidates being attacked generally it rallies the base but if it’s something attacking your candidate you kind of just dismiss it so I don’t know how.

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