Episode 1217 | The Line: The Politics Of Attack Ads And Endorsements

Much it helps in terms of those who are likely already to vote and people in the middle really are.

Start I think very frustrated by the.

End of it and they just want to.

It off altogether exactly that happens and Andy interestingly I mentioned we’ve got other things like celebrity endorsements people coming into town we’ve got Mike Pence coming in for Steve Pearce Steve bannon’s coming in for Mick rich do these things mean something at the end of the day these kind of rallies do they mean votes and money and all that kind of thing from.

What I can tell talking to folks at political scientists at UNM is that it may help the people that have like you said confirmation bias people that are already on you already kind of leaning that direction I’m not sure that there’s data that shows it’ll help people cross over or if somebody’s unsure and it also depends on who the the person is you know how their approval rating is there’s a study that they.

Did back in March that showed you know basically Democrats are not going to or somebody in the middle is not going to say Oh Donald Trump endorsed this person so.

We’re you know it depends on how popular that person is it the any given time yeah interesting point there Mary as always it’s hard to track who some of these groups are the candidates themselves are not responsible for a lot of the ads sometimes it’s outside groups there’s no way we’re gonna wrestle this at the table right here we’ve talked about this for years now but this idea of outside groups is it been particularly acute in New Mexico this time around are you seeing something.

A little bit different this cycle I mean there’s certainly.

Outside money yeah absolutely and I think that also in those cases I mean the ones that we do know about of course.

It would be like DCCC democratic you know National Committee and the Republican National Committee’s are putting in money because we have a hot race here do thy work is what they’re doing working um probably in a place like congressional district to down south where there’s candidates that are new to that that stage of politics and so there’s a lot of needing to.

Define or our opportunity for one side to try at least try to define the other side.

That’s right an interesting couple weeks ago I was out of state for a weekend.

Which was very nice um I was in South Florida and I got a chance.

To see some of the ads down there and you know there’s also a very contentious gubernatorial race down there going to race very negative very ugly Attorney General race also very ugly the ads were very negative also they you know there were a.

Few that were positive but there was a lot of mudslinging going on but I think the difference is that in that media market I think it’s a lot more expensive than our media market so actually the amount of ads in general political ads are much fewer than the ones that we got here and I think that that reflects really our relative markets the market here is just much easier to access for a lot of candidates so you see a lot.

More down ballot candidates being able to purchase ads most of them saving it until the very end but I just think that we get inundated a lot more here than we in other states because an interesting point that’s a nuanced point because you’re right any given commercial break it’s ad than ad.

Ad just the whole sweep of the commercial break you don’t see that a lot of other markets you’re right they were negative but it just wasn’t as you know this is just we get inundated so much especially on broadcast Tom.

I’m interested also in the effective of the effectiveness of the classic newspaper endorsement for for politicians over the years we’ve seen these things sort of rise and fall in their influence.

But it’s always been sort of hard to track how influential these things are because no one really exit polls you know how important was the newspaper endorsement for you and in this thing do they mean anything in this world these.

Days I think they still do especially amongst older voter voter blocks who will you know it’s not uncommon to see voters go in with the.

You know the list of endorsements into the ballot into the ballot box so you know I they do have some kind of bearing but it’s really the relevancy of those in the larger scheme of things is really kind of waning I think is the farther we get into you know ten years from now I probably won’t be but that’s more of.

A relevancy of newspapers in the changing face of media that we’re seeing than it is you know the endorsements of thought leaders pick up on that if.

You would Andy because Tom makes an interesting point there you’ve got if you have five hundred thousand individuals saying yes versus this one individual at the newspaper helm saying yes but the other side is all social media and stuff we do every day we’re talking about what influences one more do you know what I mean and now social media has much more influence which seem.

To me than a newspaper endorsement so it’s interesting isn’t it yeah I think voters in general are always looking for sort of the easy should I vote for this.

Person or it shouldn’t I you know you can cover a race all you want and and really get all that information but at the.

Fight you know at the end of the day.

To say like just give me an easy answer so I think I think newspaper endorsements might be around for I mean might be influential for a while whether they’re you know people are actually getting the paper or not they just want to say okay you guys cover this all the time they actually sit down with the candidates and interview them and have these.

Conversations with them and then of course people have views on each publication too right so they might look at the.

Santa Fe New Mexican versus the Albuquerque Journal thinking that there’s some sort of different of opinion there when I look at the endorsements you know it’s always Santa Fe New Mexican is always going to be left-leaning it’s rare that they.

Would endorse the right leaning candidate but the Albuquerque Journal their endorsements so far have really been more left-leaning you know so and it’s a traditionally or has been pegged by many as being a very conservative paper so to see you know that kind of you know DS and ours alike getting an endorsement site is good for them but I think it speaks to what Andy’s saying that they’re doing all the research is interesting and that means something for some people.

Doesn’t it there’s a there’s a someone that look at this seriously and said this is what we think about this candidate because of XYZ.

Going back many months over their career or years that has.

With thinking people you have to.yeah with people who read the paper every day and are taking their.

Decision very seriously and I think one point doesn’t matter in a close race everything matters yeah and then at least it does still and then I think there’s a.

Question of like is it effective versus is it valuable well the newspaper endorsement is still valuable whether it’s left or right these are editorial boards like Andy said talk to the candidates they’re gonna outline the issues for you and so it’s yet another chance for voters to at least get informed about the issues you.

Even if they’ve figured out all right which direction they’re gonna go exactly right we’ll see what happens the next couple of weeks now all the time we have for that.

Topic but we want to know what do you think are the most effective political ads you’ve seen this campaign season and why drop us a line on Facebook or on our website newmexicoinfocus.org when we come back the enrollment crunch has UNM facing 10 million dollar shortfall but well the highest earners at the university feel any of that pain we’ll take a look.

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