Man On The Street- Plymouth State Protest

Alright everybody we got smelly here with the stoop we’re at the Plymouth State hub right now we’re witnessing a protest it’s clearly wild so what’s going on right now is that we had a ResLife policy change that is banning juniors from living off-campus essentially seniors only so the organized students of Plymouth State decided to demonstrate peacefully so post.

Malone what brings you to Plymouth State to protest today Rizzoli all right there we have it why are you here protesting today I’m here protesting because I was looking forward to living in apartment next year and I’m scared I won’t be able.

To you’re scared you won’t be able to live in an apartment next year where do you think you’re gonna live it looks like I might be still in pammi or Grafton next year which really sucks essentially the equivalent to being homeless correct essentially the equivalent to being homeless.

Correct do you think the Red Sox are gonna win the World Series in four games I do think the Red Sox are in a would in the World Series in four games have it folks Sox and four big man some day you got blood on your face you big disgrace kickin your can all.

Over the place we we do we have a mic drop do it can we get a mic drop oh there’s.

The mic drop we’re all looking for G’s got hands like Gronk – it’s pretty sweet live free parentheses off campus or die live free.

Off campus or die you hear that if I can’t live off campus I want to die so does this girl I gotta get this guy he’s funny we’re protesting we can’t move out toward 21 yeah oh.

Yeah we want houses we we we we want Mouse’s we want Mouse’s we want Mouse’s we want Mouse’s we we got Mouse’s i don’t even go to Plymouth I’m.

29 years old but I here I’m standing in solidarity with you do you live in a dorm now after graft and are you wearing a Buffalo Bills hat right now yeah.

Are you a part of Bill’s mafia yeah do you think they’re mad that too many students are converting their off-campus houses into recording studios to become SoundCloud rappers it could be definitely I mean I’m not shocked it’s definitely a plague on this campus I think it’s gonna be addressed here that soundcloud rappers a plague what about the Boston Tea Party dump the tea into the sea dump the tea into the sea I say dump the tea you say into the sea dump the tea dump.

The tea dump the tea living free great I would say this is more to latarian payment yeah told Terry and payment big words often you made a really good speech.

Are you here meeting a tinder match by chance no excuse me can you tell me who the greatest quarterback of all time is all right so I’m 24 it’s my seventh year here at Plymouth.

I’ve been living off campus since 2013 and I don’t want to be forced to move back on for my eighth year.

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