Latest News Of Politics

Hi my name is Nicolas Alvarado and I’m going to talk about the latest politics news well today I saw a light transmission by Facebook in the fan page if they ruin to know a well there was a reporter and she was talking about the pre-trial prison and to kick off for him Ollie and well there were a lot.

Of people at Centro de Lima there were protesting about.

Favor to to that prison but there were and another people which were against.

So there was only a little fight over over there and because not all the Peruvians were we’re agreed so according to the reporter and she she said that the judge hadn’t taken a good decision because the the judgment.

Is well he’s since three or four days ago and we we haven’t concluded that so I I hope that they will always reach in in agreement and that ones that they can make the right decision because we we.

Have to know what what we will happen third what will happen after right well so this is the report of the.
News I watch it today and thank you and bye see you later..

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