Londoners Protest Saudi Killing Of Jamal Khashoggi

The British anti-war movement stopped the war coalition organized the protest outside the Saudi embassy in London calling for justice for the slain dissident journalists Jamal keshavjee they argue that cachaca Jews murder has made it clear that the world can no longer keep silence on Saudi Arabia’s violations of human rights to these protesters the murder of Jamal keshavjee is.

The last straw they want the Saudi regime to be punished not just for this but also all the atrocities they have been carrying out people here are especially.

Outraged by the UK’s friendly ties with the Kingdom London has been making record arm sales to Riyadh in recent years it’s estimated that the.7 billion pounds of arm exports to Saudi Arabia since the start of their war on Yemen in early 2015 campaigners say this should be stopped immediately I think Britain should be cutting ties with the with the Saudi Arabian Kingdom based on their human.

Rights violations based on what is going on in Yemen not a fit country to do business with far too long and all because we can make money out of Saudi Arabia has been facing growing criticism over its brutal aggression against Yemeni people.

Innocent civilians including women and children have been killed as a result of Riyadh’s relentless war on Yemen many questions have been raised as to.

Why it has taken the death of keshavjee to realize that the Saudi regime has been acting unjustly derogatory with respect was right at the heart of relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States as a journalist the assumption is well if he can be murdered in this manner is it safe.

To do business with the Saudi regime so that’s why I think we have had a disproportionate response in comparison to the fact that Yemen is facing.
The worst famine in a hundred years although the.

British government has strongly condemned the Saudi authorities over the killing London is unlikely to take action against Riyadh given their strong political and economic ties Camelia shariati Press TV London.

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