Steve Sisler Talks About How To Move From Potential To Actual Talent

We’re live it took a minute for the live sign to come up so good to be here it’s been like I think two weeks sorry about that I don’t know what my problem is but I’m gonna try to keep these more consistent so it’s Friday that’s a good thing and here in Texas the Sun finally came out I.

Think it’s yeah not a cloud in the sky right now but it’s been raining for like months it.

Feels like it’s been terrible just gray and the just water everywhere but it’s good it’s good to good to get some Sun so what are we going to do today I’m not gonna go super long on this one today but I’m gonna talk about I seek three people have come on here so welcome everyone we’re gonna a joke good to see everybody we got to catch up by.

The way hey Jay ear good to see you guys yeah doing well man doing well we got to catch up so maybe we could chat later this afternoon talking to Joel anyway so often times I will talk about a situation that you know coming out of my consultancy.

And that’s what I’m going to do today so I have a client I had this client for a little over a year and this client you know is the chief equity partner about a 65 percentile there but a very awesome person super nice guy but he has a personality type.

As do we all and we’re gonna go over just a couple things and I’m kind of bring you into you know what goes on in this particular brain type a little bit and then how the people that work with this person are faring with the style and we have a call.
Every two weeks and it’s faithful call we’d we stick with this and my job.

Is to assist him number one and understanding how he thinks how he processes how we’ve used the world and how we’ve used people and then the goal is to help create an environment that flows with the type of brain this individual has so that’s really important for you to.

Know you know every single person working in the world lives in a position of what I call potential talent in other words everybody has.

Talent potential we all have gifts we all have talents we all have natural abilities whatever you want to call it but how do we maximize those gifts and natural abilities so that they.

Become our talents you may be talented at drawing but you’re a sales guy or you may be talented at piano but you’re a wealth manager and so how do you access talent for work and the key is is we look at your way of thinking and your behavioral portrait and how well does that line up with the environment you’re in what is that environment it’s three things what do you do.

Who do you do it with who do you do it for and that’s pretty much the environment and then hey Allen and then within that environment we’ve.

Got you know other people that you’re not necessarily working with so we call those people peers you may have subordinates so there’s people that are working for you so all these pieces create this environment that we’re in now what I’m going to do is I’m going.

To go to switch screen here and we’re going to look at a report and this report is the behavior type of my client okay so I’m down here in the corner I don’t know I get myself going here I don’t want to do that alright so natural energy.

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