Vitamin A Deficiency Infomercial // 10 Diamond

Oh the Messiah he’s hotter you see there are you hungry sorry hi mommy for me my teacher told me I can’t sleep but the truth is I can’t act when you see what’s on the board it’s like we’re coming out of it which is exactly come on baby we’ll see oh my god only vitamin A deficiency the rest.

Of a balanced diet it might leak free and orange vegetables next vitamin A deficiency a significant problem in developing nations in Africa and Southeast Asia young children and pregnant women in.

Countries are at the highest a lack of access to a balanced diet but enough vitamin A.

Can lead to a vitamin A deficiency vitamin A plays an important role in your vision to see the whole spectrum of life your eyes need to produce certain pigments for the holders of their cells in your athena’s to work properly vitamin A deficiency stops the production of dis pigments pleasing tonight – your eyes.

Also needs vitamin A to nourish other parts of your eye including the cornea.

Your eyes and the clear covering the cornea is the clear covering in the front of your eyes without enough vitamin A your eyes cannot produce enough moisture to keep them properly lubricated so if your eyes me me me the reason.

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