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All right well this puzzle last piece get it in there come on the map very good and now you can put it yeah well you know the song all right come on in come on in yes answers right now I don’t want to hear it later first while you roll up what are we doing answer the questions wait.
What where’s Karina Karina where is the.

You know where about her where is she and also what do.

You know about the does I even here okay okay you want.

To know tell us about the dispatcher’s right now or we’re done you know this is an advertisement let’s you are going to record anything no wait only Cheryl if you want to know you have to record my advertisement tell us right now.

If you tell us tell then we will do your stupid advertisement but if you don’t I’m walking out right now I promise you’ll know the testimonials for the eyes of time the time-traveling tour company huh while you guys were running.

Around and stealing my eye we.

Swear you won’t die that’s okay that’s alright so the eyes of time is the time cycling tour company you can enjoy it no the eyes of time was a time-traveling tour company I think you would enjoy it very much in your family and have very much fun okay I’ll tell you well I think you said Earl no.

You just said you’re gonna tell us I told you after know so many of us say anything that’s not how a deal tell us what’s happening I’m a teenager.

Not a child adults these days they’re so stubborn don’t tell us anything no everything was it an example yeah I’m looking out for you I’m trying to do the best okay well I know why doesn’t you want us to be.

Time you have nearly doomed this world your appalling promise your expertise is needed the rest.
You for it is up your baking we with you the best of luck this is..

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