Connecting Your Business To Government Buyers, Usfcr's John Lynch Explains Government Sales Live

All right ladies and gentlemen Oh welcome to the USF see our vendor orientation my name is John Wayne it’s my good friend John Lynch there’s currently over eleven thousand nine hundred active federal business opportunities over seven hundred ninety-two thousand active vendors in Sam one hundred twenty two thousand five hundred sixty active federal agents let’s help you take advantage.

Of that USF CR USF CR can really be a life-changing partner if you use our services in the right mindset and.

Strategy so if you have any questions about how to make that happen please ask your questions in the chat we will answer them live we’re gonna have the final Q&A at the end of the video here so stick around I’m.
Excited Wow awesome Tammy here as.

Well I bought one of our other customers that it’s been doing really well by by making the necessary steps an amazing hit out there why people in the call today we’ve had several clients call today and they’ve won contracts today alone that’s probably why.

I love it every time a client wins a contract I’m like what Wow the plan what happens when a power-play amazing make every single time step by step today guys we have John Lynch John is a gift to small businesses who need someone to get them networking you’re building relationships with federal buyers as soon as possible John can you tell me about what what what get your clients moving in the right direction which federal.

Bar is in relationships Johnny that’s that’s a great question I think the most important thing for our customers to know is this is gonna be your responsibility to take these actions be tenacious.

I’ve got folks that are out there that are absolutely just they’re not gonna take no for an answer as long as we get our mindset right from.

The very beginning and get you on a clear path and understand there’s gonna be struggles but you better have somebody there here at home at US federal contractor registration you better have somebody that’s going to be there for you John you invented this process of helping people of being available 24/7 how many of our customers.

Have our mobile number yeah I don’t our customers call us on the weekends how many of our customers sit there and say hey I need help with this it’s a do-or-die situation how many times are you.
There for them all just two weeks ago client called me at 3 o’clock in the.

Morning on a Sunday I got a bid due at nine o’clock tell me please help me she was almost in tears and said let me put on and put a coffee on let’s do it and absolutely.

And that’s just how John is and this is on friendship levels this is on professional levels we make sure that that you know that you’re here at home that.

You’re under this this umbrella that’s that’s why we’re utilizing these tools so that you just what US federal contractor registration has been able to do is really map this out let’s understand first let’s it’s gonna be work let’s get that work in our minds let’s make sure that we’re gonna make this dedication and by doing that together.

With our team hey John fine do it can I cut in for a second to ask your tell a little story about last week when you were at the tech connect conference and I’m going to show some clips.

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