Connecting Your Business To Government Buyers, Usfcr's John Lynch Explains Government Sales Live

From that and maybe we’ll cut to Eric in just a couple minutes Eric Paul this gentleman right here with X iam has just opened my eyes to how tenacious somebody could be he’s allowed us to give him the opportunity to get him.

Legal in this system make sure he can follow the steps to go from the Sam registration all the.

Way through and the simplified acquisitions where he can start showing people even over the phone with his website that he is a true entity but because he’s been able to go out there and say let’s get started I’m gonna go out there he was the first out there to set up his booth we went.

Out and shot Dave moves kind enough to to get out there and shoot video form and everything else and get them out there but everybody that we were talking to everybody wants to know what’s the real answers generally what’s the real who are.

The real people or seriously how do we do this how do we get this done.

Well you’re not so good having to go out to spend thousands by setting up a booth and everything else you’re gonna have that here under under one roof it’s it’s up to you that’s.

Unlimited how far you want to take this like your company and his family he’s gonna get this stuff done you’re never gonna stop.

This guy won’t ever have no area sure I’d be happy to can you guys hear me alright alright buddy well yeah you guys have been a huge help and getting us started getting us on the right track I mean all the initial registration.

Stuff was taken care of we’ve got a nice handy website that looks great it looks professional.

That I can I can share with people that I mean it at events and over the phone so it’s it’s been a big big boon to our business just to kind of start out you know of course we just got our cage code I just got an email from you guys the other day so we.

Are like 100% official now and it’s exciting so I you know John John called me a little bit ago told me about this call but you know today I’m on I’m on the internet I’m.

Filling out the new product ideas submission at the USA MRMC website I was notified about that by a guy named Robbie that I.

Met at that attack conference I’m also on the Nassau I tech website filling out a filling out another submission for one of their there were there little SBR SPF.

Our stage one solicitations but you know I learned about all this stuff at the BTech show.

And through you know John Wayne and John Lynch so basically my advice to anybody it would be yeah like as.

John said just get out there and start working there is tons of opportunity there are a lot of government agencies that are mandated to spend their money and give us money.

So we might as well go get it and yeah you’re ultimately in charge of your destiny you know the.
John Lynch and John Wayne and all those great guys over there.

At USF CR they’re just here to help us get there it’s kind of like your first kiss.

Right so now it’s on like Donkey Kong but yeah it is it is no longer a big mystery I’ve got this thing down and I’m just out there getting it Tami’s now season and and they’ve been awarded up and congratulations again a one point nine million five-year IDIQ contract we were laughing about about you know how hard it was for us to you know get in touch with the contracting officers with our product it.

Wasn’t hard at all every single one these contracting officers has embraced Tammy and the company celebrates midstate solid waste collections how easy was tell tell us and just kind.

Of recap our conversation that we had a little earlier can me if you don’t mind we’re so thankful that that we have folks.
Like you and Erica and all other thousands of.

Thousands of folks that are really taking this serious because you know as well as I do you know we’ve got adjustments that could be coming up thirst there’s people talk about this and everything else it’s important to really position yourselves and to get out there and we were talking about this as well now you’ve got a five-year contract that you’re gonna make sure.

That they get in touch with and and just like you know the owner of the company and everything else this is this is a person that will never stop if.

There’s a client that has to be taken care of in Tammy and I were just talking about this he’ll get out in the truck and and it’s a service industry they’ll get out and they’ll turn the key they’ve got an establishment out there they are well.

Set up and and they really have the equipment they have the staff but they have the dedication to their clients they will get out there and make it.

Happen no matter what so having that and knowing that once you get this contract to build upon this that’s just your first step yeah but you have to be a little that’s right all the time absolutely contact little snowball you do a good job what you’re gonna do you’re gonna get good.

Scores and PPC bars and status and if I smell ratings happen just like this following five steps five.

Star ratings get you five steps.

You need to be and that’s what that’s what you’re doing today and again thank you so much.

For renewing giving us an another year now that you are are absolutely 100% in the system I mean now you can go in and just take care of your client like you always do are.

Yeah was the question that I asked you I said you know Tammy it seems like your company can handle a few more contracts are you comfortable with that and you said that’s why we’re doing this done and it’s it’s always it’s always good to see confident companies because.

There are a lot of folks that need help getting to the level where you’re at and know-how that how it’s truly obtainable this really is so again we truly thank you for your.

Time and giving us some feedback for other folks because again how important is that Johnny for us to network within right oh yeah our customers know everyone’s other customers in okay success having your feed off of each other success that’s why we’re here and that’s why we’re gonna give you that support Tammy and again thank you so much a week.

We cannot thank you enough for that yes yes and congratulations I got to remind.

Myself to tell you guys congratulations when you win your first contract because we have so many people on a daily basis that win contracts and we forget about that excitement and I forget.

And say congratulations congratulations good job that’s right you know there’s three things we don’t hear registrate we educate we motivate and the motivation is just as important.

As the other two steps because you can submit ten bids and not win one and get frustrated and put it on the back burner or even quit and it could be that 11th bid that changes your that one you’re notorious for saying that one one thing can change your life I see it all the time yeah so yeah congratulations good job dress high-fiving you right now at five thank you we got some more good stuff happening today guys I just pour myself a cup.

Of tea my little allergies kicking me so we got some more questions for you okay like weather yeah what’s the essential must dues when you first start working with the federal government what’s the most important thing to do when you first get in and start working all right that’s that’s a good question um obviously impression your first impression everybody.

Said this I know it makes you know people go nuts when they hear the same old thing and everything else but I really want to make sure and I heard this today from our director of operations dangerous cologne you guys have seen him on here and.

Given us all these bits of information but on nobody’s nuggets I mean I don’t know if anybody realizes how smart this person really is I’m actually yeah because what he’s been able to only a sales person we want somebody is very social very outgoing very direct very in-your-face the government purchasing.

Officers are normally not that type of person they’re more low-key the government has programmed all these buyers to look for risk so they’re kind of almost more like accountants and scientists and they’re they’re analyzing a lot they want facts they don’t want a quick talking salesperson that just comes on and you know blows them away with a bunch of stuff but then there’s no content well here’s what here’s what I’m talking about Danny when you have all these fragments right you’ve.

Got the SBA you’ve got this you’ve got all these websites on this third party you got all these fragments about this we have to very simply make sure the in order to get to those dollar signs we’re gonna put this all in place so you actually have a true strategy in what strategy a course of action.

I know all those pieces of the puzzle also the puzzle they have to go something they do.

Fit in the grand scheme of things and they do fit and we’ve just shown you that but we have to really implement that so in order to get your first contract in order to get out there we’re.

Gonna piece all this together we’re gonna have you speaking in government any government is however you want to talk about the term or whatever it but we understand your dilemma you’re getting a bunch of different fragments you’re getting a bunch of different pieces we need to tie it all.

Together in order to get you to your dollar signs in order to get you in.

The door so you can have your passive income at that later date we want to make sure that you’re able to get to this point and you are with the right.

Information with John Wayne John Wayne he’s the reason why I came over here at us federal contractor registration to get my he was thank me month and John to come here my dog was born and he’s got six kids I mean this I know I can take you said you come over here at us federal contractor registration we’re gonna take care of.

Our clients we take care of our clients over here I said I’ll.

There oh I just need to get so I got over there and and here we.

Are seven years later because of this man right here so I can’t thank you enough it’s just truly truly appreciated but to get back to our our clients what you all.

Are going to need is to have the facts no BS and to be able to prove that you are an eligible entity those contracting officers are gonna really appreciate I know they’ve left it out to having stands for a lot of people it’s like a natural vetting process you can call it or whatever the case may be but respectfully there’s only 20,000 contracting officers okay there’s a lot of you there’s 1.

Trying to get into the system it is roughly 30 million small businesses the United States there’s 1.

Million for-profit vendors in San but over 900 thousand of them are inactive that only.

Leaves three hundred thirty thousand for-profit vendors out of that half a big half of small it’s about a hundred sixty thousand small businesses that are actually active.

We’ve done a hundred thousand Sam registration so do the math do the math and and and now what we’re finding is and this is why John Wayne is here I mean it’s pretty hard to have a no customer service department one thing you don’t need a customer service part when you have training we’re smart like this this.

Is why this man it does all those things on the front end like you’re gonna answer any problems that are going to come up and prove to that contracting officer right from the very beginning you’re gonna be there for him you’re gonna answer.

Any questions that they have what a reader and one more thing you said though about all the pieces to the puzzle okay there’s a lot of misinformation out there guys a lot of bad.

Information I’m talking a lot of misinformation and if you don’t know the.

Facts from the fiction it’s hard to put to get to put the puzzle together okay and I’ll give.

You a real quick example people thinking they needed to GSA up front you don’t you know there’s that’s to me that’s a lasted automation and one contractor told me the he goes well you know I talked to my competitor.

He said I shouldn’t shelter the government it’s really difficult what do you think your competition is gonna tell you knucklehead come on you’re into the right folks exactly get the right information for the right people absolutely all right so how many contract my favorite part Oh your favorite part of APC yeah favorite part a pee-pee how’d you like to have 24/7 automatic real-time information.

Well everybody else is waiting at the starting gate true story that’s a pee pee you can automatically set up your alerts in your own backyard – you’re like I just explained to Tammy I said Tammy not only are because you’ve been with us for a year and everything else I’m gonna make.

Sure you have this ATP but you’re gonna be alerted pinging off at your.

Phone as to any bids that are coming through.

Through your company wooden five it within five minutes of that contracting officer hidden scent and I don’t know if you know this but FBO if you’re getting in searches your automatic searches from FB oh those things run usually 24 hours later because that search runs at 3 o’clock in the morning it’s anything that’s posted.

Today you don’t get until tomorrow morning with a PP you get it in 5 minutes 5 minutes.

Right off the bat but you’ve got some people that are out there that you know are not tech savvy.

And you don’t have to be there’s an easy search box in there you can.

Put in if you’re a janitorial company type in janitorial put it in your state guess what its gonna do it’s gonna put in a chronological order as to what’s coming up and.

Then I’m gonna teach you one code you’re gonna memorize your code or codes.

Because everybody that I teach they’re gonna think they get addicted to it I.

Mean it’sit’s they want to know how can I truly improve my skills and that’s why we’ve John Wayne’s here you teach us not the big stuff guys it’s the little things and I’ll get into that in.

A minute and we’re gonna talk.

About that as we continue on in our and our series the clay said this is the greatest drill Giver the man hasn’t stopped I mean it hasn’t stopped and within that a Pekinese killer you’ll put in your code like for janitorial it’s what five six one seven twenty right the government’s move on to clean freak state but a lot of five-year contracts great Avenue to go as well.

There’s many different avenues but I’m going to give you the code you’re going to look it up real quick and then I’ll automatically put you in touch right there off of there the person’s name telephone.

Number who’s responsible what are you gonna do with an S AP you’ve got your own government formatted website you’re gonna bring that Contracting Officer back to your website you’re going to show them how eligible you are and how knowledgeable you are because you’ve gone through the training already with John Wayne he’s then you’re actually gonna be able.

To this year I think till the end.

Of year they actually get you onboard with the simplified acquisitions program if you qualify that’s why your.

Acquisition specialists are here for you but we’ll get you to the point once you qualify so you can actually sit down with John it’s these fine tunings the a P P is going.

To put you in touch with all of the actual information the Intel that you’re gonna need to get the process started you need to run the training from now on because I couldn’t have said that better propose a question from YouTube this was from MJ dicker and this person says.

If we don’t have access to the agent finder and a P P what slash where should we search to get started in the simplified acquisition program and start building relationships with.

Agents as well as prime vendors hold on one second jump alright so to answer your question and thank you so much for participating it really means everything to us because we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna break our backs around here to make sure that that all.

Information that you need in order to be successful that you have it so thank you for participating it means a lot to us we need to make sure that.

When you go into that system that you have everything on point that you make sure that that under that that vendor profile okay the agent finder itself so the agent finder itself what you’re going to need to do is you’re.

Going to need to have access we’ll just.

Call us and we’ll walk you through it how do you connect to it we’ll make sure that you have access to that but keep in mind as well when you go to the actual big you’re gonna actually have the agent that’s responsible for that contract you’re gonna have the email address like I’ve mentioned to you earlier so all.

You have to do is put in your code on a vendor cert or on the actual opportunities search search for opportunities you click on that put in your code put in your state or your geographic range it’ll bring you to that actual that’s better that way yeah but I can tell you.

Before a PP you know or if you don’t have a PP such to be you sorry but before a PP was in existence I used to do that in that research manually and sometimes it would take me hours to figure out who the purchasing agent is or who the COR was or.

How much they paid last year who did it last year.

And sometimes I couldn’t find that information at all.

Gives you that stuff automatically every day it’s gold you know how much you the government paid last year and you’re bidding on the service you know how much the bid this year it’s gold so when we get somebody in the simplified acquisition.

Program they get a list of contacts from us to write so that’ll get them started you’re not willing not only gonna get a list of purchasing agents and contractors or names.

And phone numbers and emails but we also teach you how to mine that information yourself and you can find it right in AP as well absolutely yeah so with within the training tip to tell you actually with my favorite part.

About this is you have this all under one umbrella everybody I ask what do you like about the program so far and everything it’s folded organized that you got to get organized to get you know my favorite saying right now.

Is is what Jonnie victory loves preparedness right and when you have it organized that’s that’s gonna make you that much more competitive who doesn’t like being stealthy and being the most competitive in their.

Field we’re gonna help you do that in a ppm allows you to get there true story I got another question from YouTube here it says what business line is disaster and relieve storm clean-up business line or what makes those are few Nate’s codes for disaster cleanup there’s a few for you notice a recovery debris removal I mean FEMA bites everything you got to understand when there’s.

A disaster they need everything it’s not just construction and guys to clear the roads they need water they need food they cell tower server it’s no tower service they need someone when they set up a Fema camp they need someone to install all the computers and the network and the backbone eats back they need support I need janitorial people they need yeah they need emergency equipment emergency supplies they need back hose and.

Front-end loaders and you name it we had one client that did nothing but supply this was during uh was it Trina of a sandy during sandy all he did was supply eight reefer trucks they said just get him here we need refrigerated trucks to keep the food fresh for these people that were saving and for the people that are here saving he.

Came from a tree for trucks and made over a million dollars in.

Profit just by letting his a tree four trucks sit there and not do anything the government fixed him when they broke down maintain them gassed him all he had to do was get him there and when they were done they brought him back to him absolutely and something to keep in mind folks as well a storm comes.

Up like Michael and Justin had come up in Panama.

Right Beach as far as actually those contractors that have been working in Arma and Marie and down in Puerto Rico and everything else they’re bringing in talent that they can trust.

So it’s your job to get out in front of them before these events happen and prove that you are gonna be able to synchronize with them get them the boots on the ground you’re gonna be able to supply them with what they need.

You’re gonna be they’re readily available yeah FEMA has gotten really.

Organized folks within I think it was a very short period of time they had Verizon back up and running already and now they’re.

Making plans and I’ve seen other folks that are out.

There they’re gonna be able to send a Drona that DoD show they’re gonna send up a drone like that day they’re talking about being able get cell service back up like.

That day of that day because if I owe the gem service so there’s I mean constantly being able to improve you know how quickly they can get to folks.

But you know first it was the water it was the food was the babies you know care and everything else and you can see that in the system and you can also see that in the advanced McDermott model yeah we got another.

We’re gonna get to some more live questions what.

Have you learned most about federal contracting that the whole process and she started working here even here seven years now seven years now it took me seven months to get you to come work here you know it’s it’s it’s it’s truly been a family affair and that’s that’s the whole thing and a lot of questions about that but as far as what.

Do I find out to be what’s the most interesting part of the process right this part right here I mean here.

We are talking about folks that are succeeding and following the steps I mean there’s a lady that that just started with you she just started back in July now you want to talk.

About tenacious this gal her and her partner got in there doing spray coatings for corrosion.

And I’m a previous painting contractor so I know I mean this takes this is high high levels of not the easiest stuff to.

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