Connecting Your Business To Government Buyers, Usfcr's John Lynch Explains Government Sales Live

Apply get your millage and your specs and.

All these other things not that important but what is important is she wanted to go after this font federal contract and she brought it up to you Johnny and said oh.

And I go to the fire yeah yeah with this five-year contract now don’t get.

Me wrong we want success for everybody but we know it’s step by step but well we know it’s a customer that is not gonna be denied they’re not gonna be not be denied right she said she really wants to go up and I said well you know I try and teach people to go after smaller contracts in the.

Beginning just because there’s less competition and there’s less paperwork generally but I didn’t tell her not to and then another client on the training I don’t remember her name but she stepped up and she goes up listen girlfriend you go for the other success now listen it wasn’t just handed.

To her she went and took that five-year contract from somebody else that’s how they felt yeah you earned it she put.

That Contracting Officer took her series first bid right that’s our.

First big one but she went her and her partner went up got the training she actually got certified in what they do they proved eligibility not only were the paperwork done by us but everybody’s success rates gonna come up with their own certificates what’s that x-factor station view she.

Made sure that and I know that that’s been talked about a lot but that x-factor she was able to prove why she was able to commit and be able to support that’s a million dollars a year okay in federal contracts that she can just now focus in on now she’s in see pars now everybody knows her.

Now she can go anywhere on any contract here in the continental US and NATO and be able to explain that they’re the real deal but that’s because of her drive she said John there was a couple sleepless nights back there I’m not gonna lie to you three however we got that new here her empowerment and being able to speak and be so proud of what she’s been able to accomplish it’s truly on her yeah.

And not everybody wins their first bid guys.

Claim for example submitted 38 bids I think before you won 24 28 28 yeah but he didn’t give up alright and we woke up on you and let you give up on us.

Tonight don’t give up on us stay together stay in a pack learn from each other John Wayne’s training will help you all do that that a PP will help you alright we got a couple of questions about EPP in the chat we’re gonna be answered in a PP.

Demo which we are going to get into right now so Lynch thanks again thank you so much lynch mob thank you so much guys thanks.

For joining us guys make sure we’re on here every.

Friday at 2 o’clock we also provide the training we’re gonna go into all that here in a minute with the demo I’m so much subscribe everybody thank you subscribe share and.

Make comments and and spread the word guys thank you so much we love you hi.

You want to take your business to the next level get coached by my team we will schedule one-on-one calls to make sure that you set the bar high and achieve even higher get dialed in for success today go to us contractor registration com forge / coaching from my 5 must dues to succeed as a federal.

Contractor all right welcome ladies gentlemen to the new vendor orientation video I’m John Wayne and today we are going to cover how to use the advanced procurement portal in this video before we get there I just want.

To talk briefly to you about how u. fcr is committed to making you a better contractor any questions you have throughout please feel free to ask first we’re going to.

Cover training and coaching what it is and how does it work u. FCR training and coaching is very simple we give you the knowledge the skills the templates the education the encouragement to.

Utilize and to use the system correctly you can work harder you can work.

Smart or you can do both so we have several types of training we have hourly training.

We have group training daily one in 4 p. Eastern Time or you can access the go to meeting and ask questions you’ll actually see.

My screen and we work on bids proposals solicitations or questions some people join the group chaining and they just listen and take notes some people come into the group training with a bid or proposal.

Solicitation to work on and we work on it live together and some people just come in and have questions the group training is. Eastern Time it’s live and it’s online through goto meeting and then we also have personal training and coaching which is one-on-one also through goto meeting where.

I’m gonna work directly with you and your team and teach you.

The ins and outs of federal contracting but more importantly with the personal training we can also get into details of maybe simple mistakes that you’re making that are costing you contracts now that are costing you clients now ways to work better smarter faster if your closing rate is about 10 percent we need to.

Get it to 30 or 40 if you invest the time to write 10 bids to.

Win 1 we need to fix that you should be writing 10 bids to win 3 or 4 again make sure if you.

Guys have any questions feel free to ask the.

We provide here at usf CR they’re really a necessity.

Okay your Sam registration is a basic registration it’s how you’re paid by the government you have to be registered in Sam and have a cage code in.

Order to be able to bid on contracts to be awarded and paid and you don’t want to invest the time in submitting bids and find out later after you didn’t win.

An e that was because you had basic mistakes.

In your Sam registration it’s just like your taxes guys you could do them if you really wanted to but why learn the new rules and laws every year to do your own taxes to try and save a buck when you’re risking owing the government more money or getting less money back or making a mistake and the government assumes that you made the mistake on purpose like you’re trying to cheat the system.

Even do jail time currently there’s very little competition in a system you’ve got a better chance of.

Winning contracts now than from the research that I’ve done in the history of our government there’s less competition today than ever if you did your own Sam certification you got your cage code and it.

Says you’re active that still doesn’t guarantee that you are compliant now I can tell you this out of.

160,000 small businesses that are active in the federal system technically speaking I know half of them are compliant because we’ve completed 80,000 plus Sam registrations and one of the beautiful things about becoming a client now and having us register your Sam if.

You sign up with us as a client for any of our services you get basic access to the ABP at no charge now your Sam registration is kind of like having a.

Driver’s license it gives you the legal right to drive but you still need a car you still need gas insurance you need to maintain the car you could have a good mechanic there’s a lot of tools involved in winning government contracts outside of just the basics.

And registration well let’s say.

You’re fishermen and you have a fishermen’s license same thing you still need.

A tackle box a boat you need some some coordinates gas bait the right equipment this is what we provide eight a HUBZone GSA Depa wide-area workflow woman owned minority-owned veteran if it’s a federal set-aside we can do it for you and do it right the first time every time quick reminder again if you have any questions please feel free to ask that’s what.

We’re here for is is education and learning teaching you the ropes giving you the encouragement and the skills you need to be successful now in addition to winning contracts and expanding your current client base we also teach you how to avoid losing contracts which is just as important we also teach you how to avoid being scammed in any industry there’s scams during Christmas.

There’s Christmas scams during the IRS season there’s tax scams so if you’re in business there’s people out there trying to take your legitimate money from you we’re gonna teach you how to detect these scams and more importantly how to avoid them to begin with so a lot of companies that are trying.

To do what we do they’re they’re trying to ride our to coattails they’re trying to mirror what we do most of them only do a portion of what we do there’s thousands of companies that sell GSA’s and unfortunately these scumbags will sell it to you if you need it or not we don’t do that here at US have cr we’re the only company that I know of that exists.

That allows you to pay your GSA over twelve months no one else does this and this is part of our agreement with our state’s attorney Pam Bondi though our intent is to help you not to hurt you.

Like these people that they’re not even our competition they can’t compete but.

They’re trying to and they will sell you products and services you don’t need or in some cases sell you something that you’re not even going to be able to use because they’re not a legitimate company they’re an offshore scam we’re gonna teach you how to detect those how to detect.

Those quickly so you don’t waste time and how to prevent from from getting those emails and those phone calls in the future look guys the US federal government is the largest purchaser of.

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