Connecting Your Business To Government Buyers, Usfcr's John Lynch Explains Government Sales Live

Products and services on the planet and as far as we know in our solar system there’s no one that spends more money than the US federal government the US federal government spends more money than.

Most other governments combined technically the US federal government is recession-proof in many cases like when the housing market fell apart in 2008 and a lot of people quit spending in many cases during recessions or during problem x our federal government spends more money to fix those problems so if you’re.

On that wagon you’re not getting a piece of that.

Well we don’t want to teach you how to get a piece of the pie we’re gonna teach you how to make your.

Own pie we’re a powerhouse and you can be a part of that powerhouse you can be a will that makes that machine work.

If you know what you’re doing and how to do it properly and.

Invest your time wisely you will be successful it’s just a matter of time it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of win WI in all right next up guys I’m gonna show you our new system.

Called AP P stands for advanced procurement portal we designed a P P for one primary reason and that’s to make it as easy as possible for you to do business a P P pulls data from FBO from sub net from federal procurement data system from USA spending and from other systems that.

We know that exists that most people don’t.

Even know exists and it pulls this data into one easy-to-use system the big difference between getting opportunities out of a P P and F Bo is actually pretty simple FBO runs once a day when you set up your searches and FBO automatically those searches run once a day and they run it three to four o’clock in the morning when that system is the slowest the problem with that is this we all know the early bird.

Gets the worm and if the government posts an opportunity this morning and you don’t get it until tomorrow morning you’re already a day late and a dollar short now that’s not going to make a.

Big difference in some cases it will in a few instances especially if if you got the opportunity now and you called the supplier and no one else calls the supplier today he’s gonna give you a good quote if everybody else gets that opportunity tomorrow morning.

And three or four people call that supplier at one time asking for a quote he’s going to give them a higher quote because of supply and demand he knows he can get more money so in that case yes the early bird does get the worm but more importantly if a purchasing agent only needs three offers on a bid and let’s say.

They receive you know two or three offers by lunch they could archive that opportunity that they don’t want to get six offers that they only need three that’s doubling their work.

So if they get three offers by lunch and they archive that opportunity and you get that opportunity the next morning you’re not going.

To get it the next morning because it’s already been archived when your search runs the next day it’s not even going to find that opportunity that opportunity to no longer exist and I can tell you this from countless hundreds if not thousands of times the clients have called up and.

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