Connecting Your Business To Government Buyers, Usfcr's John Lynch Explains Government Sales Live

Said I have never I never got this why is that and that’s.

Because they were running their searches in FBO that were a day late and a dollar short all right guys I want you to make a commitment to learning to using the Learning Center to study all the pieces from A to Z it tracks your completion as you go as you complete a section you can check the.

Box on the bottom completed and it’ll track how much of the Learning Center you’ve.

Actually utilized utilize it it’s a wonderful tool it will help you be more successful we have our mast at bid templates section where we give you a master bid template that you can use to plug and play again we want to make it as easy on you as possible to be successful so we’re gonna give you all.

Are gonna be sharp they’re gonna be calibrated calculated they’re gonna be ready to use all you have to do is plug and play make the commitment to read all the material and complete the.

Training center first get there get your foundation built to be successful then you’re going to want to set up your searches simply clicking on your search filters you can search by solicitation number keyword agent email an office or agency name a set aside by an X code city state classification opportunity type you can.

Set up a search by keyword for example tree.

Trimming they’re listed by date so you know the most recently posted now this search for example we set up a basic search by keyword you can also go back down and you can refine your search so we’re going to do tree trimming again it remembered the keyword so we’d have to type it all the way out but now we’re gonna add opportunity type.

So we’re only looking for a combined synopsis solicitation which means active opportunity we’re not looking for awards about looking for pre solicitations sources saw it RFI’s were just looking for active opportunities so.

You know the most recently posted is the one that’s up top you can save that search to run automatically.

And you can name the search nickname it so you know what search it is we know that that’s an active search for tree trimming and that’s the 11 out of 100 searches we’ve set up so far and 9 of the 9 out of 10 of those searches were watching the best way to set up a same search is to create the search and then see how it works some searches you’re going to need to be more specific maybe they’re bringing.

You a few too many opportunities that are not a perfect fit but you also don’t want to set your searches up to be so specific that you’re missing out on opportunities so we can save it and tell it to watch.

Automatically you’ll never have to go out and manually look for opportunities when you manually look for something and it’s not there you’re wasting your time set up your searches to run automatically watch them so you’re notified automatically so you can click the little I icon or the little magnifying glass icon the magnifying glass icon is for you to search now and the eyeball icon is for you to set up an.

Automatic watch that will show up in your federal feed automatically when you’re watching a search that meets that search engine criteria that opportunity will automatically show up in your federal feed so it’s easy to track you can set your searches to notify you so you can set your alerts up.

To run when you’re actively doing business or when.

You’re awake and save it and it’ll go to the email that you have in.

The settings account so I want to take another moment ask if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask so preparing your master bid template this is your plug-and-play document that you can utilize for probably 90% of the opportunities you’re going to be submitting once you download it you’re going to want to edit it and make it into your.

Format put your logo add your your information your contact info it’s gonna save you.

Time and energy and manpower and it’s something that once you fill.

It out you can use it repeatedly so it allows you to submit more bids the more efficient.

You get at this the more bid you can submit the quicker you can submit them the more concise they are the more accurate as you submit bids and you you make mistakes or you don’t win it your request to debriefing and you find out why you’re not going to continue to do.

That the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again we want to be results oriented we want to learn every time we submit a bid so we do it better next time so you find an opportunity an AP P that you’re interested in bidding on you’re.

Gonna see that a P P organizes the data into.

A very easy-to-use window to give you all the details of the opportunity to you you want to be able to get through these quickly and determine whether or not you want to bid on them.

A lot of time finding opportunities to bid on or determining if you want to bid on them you want to invest your time bidding so you need to remember this this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme okay this is a long-term retirement plan if you work this system right and and.

Work it hard for the next couple of years you could literally set this up so that you could sell the business in 10 years and retire well it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme it’s a long-term retirement plan your main goal in the beginning is to submit some bids submit a couple don’t expect to win them okay and don’t expect to make huge profits on them you’re better off.

On the first couple of giving the government.

A really good price and more importantly just get in there and do it like Nike says just do it you need to submit a few to get comfortable to.

Understand how you need to tweak your business and and put your business in a better position for the government to hire you once you’ve completed a couple of these and you.

Didn’t win them you’re gonna want to request a debriefing and find out why.

You don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting.

Different results you want to be results oriented you want to learn from each bid that you submit and not make those same mistakes in the future and.

Unlike the private commercial industrial and a lot of state contracts you legally have the right to request a debriefing and find out why they didn’t hire you when you you know when you request a debriefing also ask the purchasing agent.

Can you give me your opinion on what I could do better is there anything that I could do better or different in the future that would help me win.

More contracts because if you can ask a purchasing agent.

For their opinion and you get a purchasing agent who likes to talk they’re gonna tell you what you can do to be more successful and they’re gonna appreciate the fact that you’re listening and if you utilize those steps the next time they see one of your.

Bids or proposals they’re gonna say.

Hey look I told this guy he should try this next.

Time and he actually did it he actually listened to me that’s awesome I.

Should go ahead and award it to him since he listened to me although if I don’t then what else am I gonna say that he did wrong if you want to do a bid protest sometimes there’s a window that you have to make that bid protest or that debriefing.

So the best bet on the first couple of solicitations opportunities that you work on get into my training work.

With me let me show you how to determine the difference between those how to see if there’s a debriefing window or not and let me show.

You how to easily navigate these because if I can teach you how to get through these quickly you can submit more if you submit more you’re gonna win more anybody have any questions if you have a pp+ you’re also gonna have access to our agent finder you’ll be able to make.

A custom list of agents based on their Naik’s code agency co-workers etc and you can utilize the CRM part of a PP to keep.

Track of these agents and vendors you can find a specific purchasing agent by keyword office agency set-aside makes code etc you can be very specific on.

Your searches are very general so for example you could look up that specific agency and the specific office of that agency and that.

Apply the filter with the name email phone number all the contact information you.

Know including the view more option to get even additional information on that purchasing agent you can see all the Naik’s codes that they’ve worked you can see their most recently posted opportunities you can mark them that you’ve watched them or you are currently watching them you can mark them.

That you’ve contacted them and you can market them that they’re a favorite agent if you had a great conversation with them you can put notes on the conversation that you had if.

They mentioned something about you know I can’t talk today I have to take my dog Roscoe to the vet but I’ll.

Be back Monday when you call him on Monday look at your notes and see that he took Roscoe to the vet and ask him hey how’s Roscoe doing every little bit of data like that.

Helps you build rapport and relationships and people buy from people they like you can also use the CRM to take notes on not just purchasing agents but also vendors.

So as you reach out to Prime’s and introduce yourself hit them with your elevator pitch ask them what you can do to earn their business you can keep track of who you’ve called.

And and follow-ups and and what notes you’ve made and if it’s if you had a great conversation you can mark it as a favorite vendor or a favorite agent and again keep track of the notes that were discussed.

So that when you follow up next time you know where to reference back to but remember this guy’s everything is a learning experience you’re creating to learn to create better alright guys if anybody has any questions we’re gonna take a few minutes to answer those now a question how can awarding contracts about agencies buying a lot of.

Our types of services and paste marketing you can look in FBO if you don’t have a PP obviously you could get all this just at the tip of your fingertips you can look at fpou when they’re archived and see some contracts that.

Have been awarded you can look in the federal procurement data system FPDs gov you can look in and those are the three primary places you’re gonna look but keep.

In mind once stuffs archived and FBO sometimes it goes away FBO from what I understand only goes back one year now they deleted a lot of old data because they were migrating.

FBO into Sam and they couldn’t migrate it over with all that.

Old data in it fortunately for you guys.

We pulled all that data out of FBO years ago and have been maintaining pulling it out so we have all the old data that fvo doesn’t have anymore if that’s an a PP but like.

I said if you don’t have a PP sucks to be you sorry you’re gonna want.

To get it eventually but for the meanwhile meanwhile you need to look in FPDs which only tracks about 7% of the spending you need to look in FBO under archives under award and archive go to the advanced search and you need to look in USA spending which only tracks about 10% of.

The spending well actually let’s do it the way we did it before with that one client let’s go to opportunities remember we looked up a word ID right what’s nice about this too is that you don’t really need to.

Know the next code right off the bat if you don’t know it you can just start to type in the.

Industry and it’ll sort of like suggest your necks good let’s do this one all right so we’re looking up a code five four one six one three and then we want just the opportunity type now if you want to get very specific you can you know like figure out the agency that’s.

Buying that type of stuff and you know make it.

Even more specific to see what contracts were awarded you know for instance from the Department of the Army you don’t have to do this part for it maybe the Department of Commerce might actually have more stuff like that so you can be specific to a particular agency to a particular city state zip code makes code PSC code key word location location which state is in let’s just let’s just leave that.

One blank and then now you’re gonna see these contracts this almost 2017 now the thing is like that might not be the full contract award because if it’s if.

It’s like multi order thing at the job five year IDIQ it’s just gonna show what they’ve been paid so far so that’s the one thing to keep in mind with that but it’s some place to start you can then you know go do some more information digging on that yep.

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