Connecting Your Business To Government Buyers, Usfcr's John Lynch Explains Government Sales Live

I set up an email alert on APB for opportunities which I think we showed pretty well on the recorded version it’s um my federal feed set of email alerts yeah you can set it.

For whatever day once an hour 30 minutes 15 minutes you set it up to win to email you what time to email you et cetera if you’re gonna do it daily and then also one thing I skipped but it’s explained in the video we just went over was how to get the searches into here in the first place which is just go to find.

Opportunities search profile let’s just search and then.

Save search right there name it and it’s gonna automatically use your search criteria that.

You already set up and that’ll run automatically I don’t want you.

Manually looking for stuff because some days there’s nothing and when you’re looking for nothing you’re wasting time and then some days you get busy and you don’t have time to search and you miss out on a contract in your backyard.

You know and Chuck in the truck lines up getting it you want to kick yourself in the butt so set up your searches by keyword you can make as many keyword searches as you want I’ll be creative set up searches they’re misspelling my purpose if you go into FBO and you go into advanced search and you go into archived and both and you put in the keyword freight but misspelled it fright that far ie ght there’s a 134 opportunities and feel under freight misspelled you know this is cool you can.

Actually set up a search like for a specific vendor like if you’re watching your competition or something so if they’re looking to buy Cisco NIC cards you can set up.

A search for Cisco and it’ll tell you when they’re looking for nice yeah like I don’t even know that yeah you can actually I don’t let’s just say it’s this company right you can actually what you would have to put their take their Duns number and then search by that now that’s the only thing that’s gonna come up right so yeah and then save the search yeah there we.

Go it’ll run every day next question says this is from a.

Gurney McNair it says can two separate companies bid together if they hold complementary services or products you can do what’s called a teaming agreement or a partnership gurney I’m not a big fan of that because it’s so much easier for you to win the contract and just sub to your.

Partner than it is to create a partnership or teaming agreement if you’re gonna do partnerships or teaming agreements with people you know what you can.

Trust that’s one thing but you want to make sure you know even if you know them and trust them it’s it’s still a risky business if you’re gonna do that you need to have an attorney review the documentation before you set up that partnership because I’ve seen you know I’ve seen.

Husband-and-wife teams that uh-huh I put it to you this way she kicked him out and kept the business and the business was his grandfather’s business for 30-something years and he made her controlling partner and she.

Said later it’s mine now and good luck with that you know so on it’s not a big fan of partnerships.

Or teaming agreements unless you hired an attorney and make sure they review the paperwork and don’t trust their part their attorney yeah their attorney said it was okay their attorneys got them in their best interests not you so you’re gonna go that route get an.

Attorney make sure they review the documentation before you sign it otherwise just win the contract and sub it to them or have them win it and have them sub to you it’s a lot more.

Lot more safe next question is another question from MJ dicker it says what benchmarks should a know a skipped one.

Sorry it says we have a P but the agent Finder is an additional fee to use if you’ve got the basic version of a P P yes it does not include the agent.

Finder so you’re gonna have to manually search for your agents there’s a video on our us FC our YouTube channel that shows you how to search how to mine that data for yourself when you guys sign up with us we send you a list of agents or names and purchasing names and numbers and emails to get you started but spend the.

Extra couple of bucks and get the full versions of a P P I’m telling you it’s so worth it the reason why a P P exists guys is because we spent the last eight nine years listening to our clients complain about FBO and complain.

About how they couldn’t use this or they lost a contract because of this or this was posted yesterday and I’m just now getting it from FBO today what the hell you know and it’s because of the way FBO works so we took all the problems and all the complaints that our clients had about the government and about FBO and USA.

Spinnings garbage now that website used to be awesome they modified it so they can migrate it into Sam and now it’s garbage we took all those.

Complaints and issues and problems that our clients and that we found and we created one system to solve it all and that’s a P P baby advanced procurement portal it’s only gonna get better – you know right now a P P helps you submit your bids it helps you find you know past performance purchasing officers.

It does so many things but it’s only gonna get.

Better eventually a PPS can allow you to or help you submit your bids eventually a P P is gonna track state.

And federal or a state and a city and you know this this is a long ways down the road it’s a huge undertaking but a P P is only to get better it’s worth the money make the investment I’ve put you on the.

Screen for a little bit John I hope you don’t mind but it turned it.

Off what else so next question says this woman is also from mg dickard says what benchmarks at a business meeting how much experience in the federal context and should we have before we apply to.

Contract with GSA that’s a good question unless you’ve got something the government really.

Wants you shouldn’t get on the GSA schedule until you have the past performance to back it you don’t have to have federal past performance but it helps you know GSA’s just number one do you see it’s not.

Government guys let’s get this straight a lot of people think GSA is a government GSA is not the government GSA is a private for-profit entity and they’re probably owned.

By the same people who own done a Bradstreet and the Federal Reserve who knows I’ve.

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