Connecting Your Business To Government Buyers, Usfcr's John Lynch Explains Government Sales Live

Tried to find it myself.

And I couldn’t find it so GSA is a private for-profit they they do purchase a lot especially in property management.

Property rentals purchasing property selling property in the construction arena best thing to do is to go in and search your keyword in your industry and just see.

How much GSA buys here’s here’s a good thing to this graph you know I made this oh yeah yeah this graph is awesome David put this together and it literally shows you how much GSA buys in different arenas but my suggestion.

Is this all right and check with me first just get on my training and say hey John Wayne is a good idea if we do GSA for bottled water and I’ll show you how to search it and find.

If GSA is not the number one buyer then my first answer is wait if GSA is the number one buyer that my first answer would be yeah you’re gonna want to get in there as soon as possible but you still want to have the past performance to back it so get on my training tell me what keyword you want me to search I’ll show you guys how to search.

It and see how much GSA is buying in.

That arena and if they’re not the big and the number one buyer if they’re number five or six or seven then save your money until you’ve got the past performance to back it because the problem getting on GSA schedule if you don’t do the minimum amount required to stay on that schedule.

They won’t kick you off that schedule and it’s harder to get back on later it may be harder to get back on later when you’re ready.

When you do qualify so don’t rush into it and it takes a year to process nine months – even if they fast-track get a purchase agent that says I want you to get on just a schedule so I can spend more money with you I can buy longer-term larger contracts get on to GSA schedule and that’s called a fast-track it could still take six months to.

Nine months to get you on it and process it next question oh and as far as benchmarks period I have startup companies and you government contracts so outside of GSA I wouldn’t wait you can sell it but the government.

You know depending on what you do and what you’re selling but if you want a broker you know bring them and sell anything next.

Question is from Leda press would it says if we were a start-up and have no previous contracting experience Awards what are the good options to.

Fill this area in our competencies I.

Have startup companies win government contracts I have companies that I jokingly say have no business being in business and they win government contracts if you’re driven and you’re you’re intelligent.

And you’re you’re willing to work for it it’s just a matter of time you know my favorite story is that kid that this kid called me one.

Day John Wayne dude what up dude yo dude what up man I want to sell to the government yo what can I.

Do this and I’m like probably not unless you start speaking proper English they’re probably not gonna hire you both but this kid dropped out of ninth grade I don’t remember every detail it’s been a while excuse me let’s get.

Dropped out of ninth grade had two felonies lived in his.

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