Connecting Your Business To Government Buyers, Usfcr's John Lynch Explains Government Sales Live

Grandmother’s basement in the middle of nowhere had no cable no cell phone.

No internet no car no driver’s license he had to.

Walk to the library to use a computer but this kid thank you this kid saved up as Christmas money and his birthday money and.

Worked odd jobs and was working at McDonald’s or whatever get some tea well you know he saved up his money.

He started his company he got on board with us and even though he had everything against him the kid had a heart of a lion he was not going to give up I think he’d submitted 38 bids more like 48 but he never once called in and said man you know what this is this isn’t where he just.

Did not give up heart of a lion sorry.

Guys well never give up never give in all right I’m probably just getting too.

Excited this kid I just didn’t give up he kept submitting bids he kept picking up the phone he kept at it he had to walk to the library guys I mean literally to use a computer he’s walking.

To the library but he finally won his first contract and then he won another one and another one and it snowballed he only did I think he said he.

Did a little little over a hundred thousand in profit and revenues for his first year but to him that was fifty kajillion he was already a millionaire in his mind you know as that high school dropout that had nothing going for him you know and he he called me a couple of months ago and was saying thank you John Wayne and I asked him I said dude can I.

Tell people about you he’s like I don’t want people knowing how these girls are up out and you know all the things that you say about me but it’s true story and.

And he said I basically saved his life he’s a man you have no idea I’m living in the middle of nowhere no friends nothing to have considered suicide several times you changed my life John Wayne thank you so if he can do it.

Guys anybody can do it oh that’s okay looks like we’re done with questions anyway I got one more thing for you real quick I did have a client that said that I did save her life check this out about three years ago she was on my training when.

I kept hearing a beep and I thought it was.

My headset was dying my headsets fine I’m looking at where’s this beep coming from and I finally said something and the client goes oh I’m sorry Tommy that’s me that’s my smoke detector when your battery gets low in your smoke detector it makes a beeping sound every.

30 seconds but after you hear it for four or five days or a week straight a month straight you you don’t hear it anymore your brain tones it out she was oh yeah forgot about that thank you for reminding that you forgetting to get batteries so she went got batteries that day that weekend she had a house fires had a kitchen fire in the middle of the night and she said John Wayne I mean I’m not saying you did but most likely if I had to replace.

That battery I might not have heard that alarm and I might have died so I think you saved my life and now every time somebody gets on in the training when I hear that beep I tell them hey make sure you replace your battery that’s good times we got this.

Is the last question guys this came through on my email earlier and I think it’s hilarious and I want to share it with you one of my clients asked me earlier she said John Wayne what do you call that hairstyle your sport I told her it’s.

Called the too short to do anything with and not long enough to cut yet hair style I shaved my head once a year so you guys will.

See in the progression of my videos that my hair is different links and I have different styles and in a few.

Of the videos I look like I’m bald it’s because I shaved my head usually at the beginning of the school year because all the kids get lice in the beginning of the school year so I just shaved my head and not deal with it.

And it’s you know it’s hot it’s Florida men getting 40 you get 11 months of misery two weeks of paradise in two weeks of it’s okay out today so that’s it guys no other questions it’s Friday thank God yeah maybe’s guys we made it another week keep it up guys keep it up keep it up keep it up don’t give up don’t give up on me I won’t give up on you this is not a get-rich-quick scheme this is a.

Long-term retirement plan and anyone can do it so just get er done alright thanks guys love you alright guys I’m going to go ahead and.

Make sure you check with me first if it sounds too good to be true it may be if it looks like a scam this possibility it is but if.

You check with me first you’ll never go wrong I’m not gonna let you get scammed I’m not gonna let you get taken I’m gonna teach you how to detect and avoid situations like that you got to check with me first so I can teach you that.

Route signing off guys thanks bye hi I’m John Wayne if you want to take your business to the next level get coached by.

My team we will sketch a one-on-one calls to.

Make sure that you set the bar high and achieve even higher get dialed in for success today go to u. contractor registration com forge slash coaching for my.

Five months dues to succeed as a federal contractor every great person has a team of great people behind them helping them succeed you.

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