Jessica The Jet Car Drives 1000 Miles And Wins Demolition Drag Racing! (cleetus And Cars Texas)

Hopefully your front engine doesn’t come off it shouldn’t it’s pretty it’s pretty low but so far it’s held up to the lots curve this is Brent’s demo car for the weekend Jessica the jet that’s gonna get destroyed Cooper already said he’s aimin for it Ultima alright guys I got the hatch loaded up this morning getting ready to head.

To Texas Brent’s driving Jessica the jet all the way down I think she’s ready for the thousand mile journey.

Some finishing touches get the paint poppin this is still wet right here don’t touch it it’s gonna stay boosted boys.

But not till the next gas stop yeah I just have to go pick up Emilio quick we’ll be on our way will be a good idea and run the cable in the Tron you pull the throttle cable this thing’s great on the highway you put Auto is led by the cable and do it I want to do the door latch you know you hit the button that thing pull the frame some self-tapping that’s one way to.

Use a honda hood latch wire oh my god go get some rack then line I got y’all I go home god I might go away from the back okay photo camera cables oh it’s on fire just the lids our butt ten 20 minutes I was like they’re on their way here now he’s like oh I can build.

Like a shit I was like well hurry.

Up already dude that is the best phonics custom jet engines custom anything anything turn when he walked up now I don’t think it does it actually.

Turn while he does it look like it I think it locks up you lost it but Gavin it Roman put it in a bind and it’s it’s imperfect oh I blame aroma it’s in a locker it’s in time oh boy let’s go we got a thousand miles ahead of.

Us but we gotta go not still on they get on okay yeah the gun yeah there you go 18 hours later we made it still together I just need to send them down yeah any of the filters works like.

They use you know difficult thing any filter was really me Instagram filter you put on it’s going on black crap get it filter review there’s some water in the wastegate that wrinkle at the Houston Raceway Park we got the hatch unloaded and we had to move the truck and stuff over here we were cleaning the hatch out.

Unfortunately it has been raining all day so the track is really wet right now and it stopped but they’re in the process of drying it out so hopefully they get that all done and I still need to get the hatch TechEd in I just got my tech cart and then once that’s all ready to go I think we can put.

Her in line and we can start making some passes I think we’re just gonna hang out for now we already met up with Cletus and sketchier and Kyle from 13/20 video said hi to them but I think it’s gonna be a good day just hoping all this water clears up but yeah I.

Already met a whole bunch of fans and we were already messing around with the jet ultima that brent brought so it’s gonna be a really fun day for here but right now we’re gonna go ahead and get the hatch tech tin and I guess we’ll go from there okay sorry on the Jets go the jet car Oh you got me yo I wouldn’t stand close to the ground fire for real it’s only working in there we.

Need something there’s a real fire do you have any more of the hose anybody got a plague welcome page will document it I’m fired all in a day’s work.

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