Cycling Without Age Willmar Idea Fund

We dream of creating a world together where access to society creates happiness and health among our fellow seniors and less-able community members biking is an activity that people from all walks of life can participate in cycling without age Wilmer will benefit not only the seniors in our community but also individuals from a disability community who may not otherwise.

Be able to ride a bike on their own aging or limited mobility will no longer prevent older or less able people from enjoying the freedom of riding a bike based on generosity and kindness volunteering for cycling without age.

Is a simple act of everyone regardless of age income alter or ability to do with others Bethesda and the city of.

Willmar will be responsible for a community checkout program and.

Bike maintenance partnerships are being made and will continue to grow cycling out a drummer reflects most of the idea funds core values by fostering relationships across generations.

And cultures by allowing stories to be shared and providing a local healthy activity for seniors and less abled individuals any omona.

Funding of the $25,000 would be of great support for this community project you.

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