Marlin 1894 Csbl Shooting 357 Mag With No Issues Cycling

Okay guys day two again Marlin 1894 C SPL now trying the 357 Magnum by Hornady seeing if it functions a little bit better cycling it again okay so didn’t have any issues with that one I’m after a few more rounds just a confirming function okay so good it seems like the 357 Magnum by Hornady is cycling a little.

Bit better through the gun I’m have to do some more testing with some different ammo especially 38 special so I was using the Blazer 124 grain full-metal-jacket 38 special and it was hanging up on the gun there once in a while so I don’t know if I could be cured by a polishing job possibly polishing.

The feed ramp but we’ll do some more testing and get back to you thanks guys.

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