10 Great Camera Accessories For Travelling

Think and help you get the best contents while you are on the road the products in this video with time stamps and links are listed in description the first item on my list is a camera bag by now we are probably familiar with big design bags so here will show you much more affordable alternative if I need to.

Carry a lot of stuff canden l5 is my camera bag of choice it has two main compartments for cameras and lenses the lower one is accessible from both sides so that you can quickly grab your camera and not have to search for it the second one opens from the top.

And it contains inner padded back which I really like if you want to you can make it into one big compartment by removing the separator attached by velcro straps in the rear part is also a compartment for 15.6 inch laptop there is a ton of small packets and compartments for smaller items like batteries cables chargers.

And D filters and that sort of stuff there is even a very handy net for a bottle and you can attach.

The tripod on the back using the straps on the front in case that you find yourself in a heavy rain it also comes with a rain cover overall I am very happy with this bag it is well made I personally like the design and I will probably make a separate review of it if I just need to carry the camera some Lance’s and accessories I use this small backpack by company called Tiger no it only costs like.

$20 it is well-made very compact and lightweight but you can still feel reasonable amount of stuff in it so I also recommend.

This one the second item on my list is my most favorite charging solution most of the stuff nowadays is charged by USB if I have a lot.

Of devices with me I also need a lot of USB ports to charge it which is why I bought this raw power 60 watt 6 port USB.

Charger as the name suggests it can charge 6 devices at the same time all of the ports can output 2.4 amps so the charging is a very fast and quick charge port which does support Qualcomm quick charge 3 can even output 3.

A very fast charging solution it is not the smallest charger but it.

Has six fast charging ports so I can for example charge my smart phone tablet batteries for two cameras my gimbal and power bank at the same time only with one charging brick which I really like.

I also chose this model with power cable because I like to have it on the table and.

The seconds in hotel rooms are often behind better tables which is not very practical for plugging 6 USB cables to be.

Able to charge your camera batteries this way you need USB battery charger for Panasonic batteries I use the one which is included with g9 or gh 5s it can also be bought separately a link is in the description for Sony and PFW 50 batteries used for example in sony a6000 series cameras I use.

This dual charger by a company called Segway it only costs about seven dollars it is very small and what I really like is.

Shows you how much power is currently in each battery on the small display for charging on-the-go I use Xiaomi power bank I have the 10,000 milliamp hour version it is quite small and portable it still outputs 2.4 amps so the charging is very fast and it is very practical to have an option to charge anything in your backpack if you need to the next item is a table tripod table tripod is a very handy piece.

Of gear in my opinion you can use it to get low level shots put it on a table and talk to the camera or as a selfie stick I currently use 2 table tripods the first one is meant for a pixie evo it.

Has extendable legs locking mechanism which lets you choose between the standard and low angle and integrated aluminum ball head I do like this bow head it works well even with heavier and.

Poorly balanced setups I usually been Manfrotto 3 to 3 knock off quick release plate it costs about $8 I have probably eight of these and I have never had any issues and it makes them an epilation much easier and faster the second table tripod that I use is the.

Joby Gorillapod SLR zoom it has flexible legs it is more versatile you can wrap it around things by the manipulation and setting it up is much more than with Big C Evo the bowhead that.
Comes with Gorillapod SLR zoom is fine but I mostly use it.

With this more advanced ball head it only costs.

About twenty five dollars and it is very solid I also have those quick charge release plates attached here as well for something like Sony rx100 series even this $7 gorillapod actually.

Works ok another handy thing to hear while traveling is the OTG card reader I use this cheap one for smartphones and tablets with micro USB it can read both SD cards and micro SD cards it makes it very easy to view your pictures on your smartphone or tablet and you can also transport the pictures from your camera to smartphone using OTG reader like this to share it on.

Social media another smartphone accessory that I really like to use is a smartphone game ball I personally use geniune smooth 3 it is a high-end smartphone gimbal.

Makes the footage super smooth it is fairly small it comes with this violin style case and it makes your smartphone.

Footage look much more serious especially if you do live streams using your smartphone it is a great thing to have and I will make a full review of the smooth 3 soon if you use.

It with an adapter like this X steady adapter you can also use it to stabilize your action camera it works with my sjcam.

Sj7 and it will also work with your GoPro cameras for carrying the cameras I use speak design straps I have the slide which is the heavy duty model and the leash which is the lightest one there is also slight light which is an option in the middle I have these old versions now there are new versions available if you have the older versions.

Of these strips I recommend getting version of 3 anchor links so that you don’t have to use those annoying triangles anymore or oh I am very happy with these strips for camera strips these are quite expensive but also very well-made and innovative I have made a full review of the slide and.

It will be linked in the description and last but.

Not least I like to carry one small LED light with me I usually use this 160 LEDs small LED panel or these 228 LED pen both are good lights these are very practical if you need some sort of artificial lighting the 160 LED panel can also be powered by double-a.

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