My Wedding Photography Accessories: Think Tank, Spider Holster, Etc..

Hi everybody today we are going to talk about accessories when it comes to event photography I’m not gonna go into great detail about my lenses or my camera that’s for another video but instead today I want to talk about just a few little tools that I use when I’m shooting events that I’ve been using for years that I.

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com slash pro photo talk with booray and it’s just me and a couple of thousand other photographers each day filling out ideas throwing out challenges to each other and trying to get better at our craft so please be sure and joy alright let’s get started the first thing I wanted to do with this video was make sure that I wasn’t highlighting anything that was new so I’m only going to show you today things that.

I’ve been using for years and years and years and these are tried-and-true accessories that I use every single time that I shoot the sort of.

Thing really that I can’t live without you know like if I think one of them’s gonna break I replace it immediately they’re not.

Necessarily big fancy things sometimes just small things but they will make your life easier if you are shooting events or if you’re shooting on location alright let’s get started all right the first thing we’ve got to talk about is my belt because it is the lifeblood of what I do and my belt is actually made by spider holster I four years worth using a blackrapid system with the two.

Straps and I carry two cameras and I didn’t like it because it was trying to manage the two cameras all the time just became a bit cumbersome for me.

Yea both hands always having to work those cameras and I really wanted something where I could just take my camera and stick it on my hip just have it hang there the way that a.

Put a hammer on his hip now even with the Home Depot one day and I got my camera and I got a couple of guys at Home Depot and I was like you know can we figure out a.

Way to make this camera hang on a belt and we really couldn’t come up with a good method and then this company spider holster came along and they introduced the spider holster and I bought it like the first day that they released it and I have never regretted.

I have said many times that I would give up a lens in my bag before I would give up my spider holster because it’s just a part of me.

When I’m going to shoot so here’s a side of the spider holster right here and this is where the camera goes and it racks into the side of the spider holster here now you might think to yourself wow that spider holster really is in good shape right.

How pretty and nice it is this is actually a new spider holster here’s my old one and I’m very big on full disclosure I’m I consider myself a very.

Ethical person a very honest person so whenever I’m talking to people or making videos I always like to reveal the truth about where things come from so even if it’s not a big deal and.

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