Best Custom Fitted Nikon D5 D4 D3 L-bracket L-plate Camera Accessories

Well hello premedia your fans have you ever wondered what accessories you can use with your Nikon d5 well today we’re just gonna go over all this stuff premedia gear has to offer for this wonderful camera so whatever I show you here in the in the following video will also work with the d4 series and the d3 series as.
They all share the same bodies all right well that’s.

Tuned in so we got the Nikon d5 set up here with.

The l-bracket this is our newest design of these L brackets for this wonderful camera so let me just go over the features of this L bracket okay so the major feature is that this outbreak it is extendable meaning you can extend these rods and mainly do that to allow connections.
To these ports over here okay so when you notice you cannot need to.

Keep it there as long as the rods are just outside of that hole okay and then you can tighten it and you tighten it just by using the included allen wrench alright and this keeps it in place now what’s the main advantage of using the L bracket when using the outbreak if you can mount the camera vertically so we.

Have off this plate like this I’ll show you like that and then so this is just much easier to shoot portraits or vertical images but if you’re staging vertical panoramas you do want to have this camera mounted on its side so this L bracket here works like I said with the Nikon d5 and also works with the D 44s or X and a d3 as an X because an icon shares the.

All these cameras okay so if you don’t need it extend it you can go ahead and retract it back into the plate so just loosen this these two screws and you just push that in on others here I gotta move this strap look out of the way and then it’s nice and close to the.

Camera body and then we tighten these screws here now these screws here they hold the vertical piece to these rats so want to make sure these two are tight as well okay before operation you just make sure there you can see them right there okay alright so what else we got on.

This L bracket do we have four to 20 holes one two three four on the bottom and these can be used for various accessories we also have a strap port.

We call it the SS – strap port so you can buy these in the retrofit your existing straps and these just pop in like that and they provide a really nice quick rapid secure connection you just.

Press that button in what happens when you press the button the bearings here you know like contract and then as you as soon as you let it out there’s a piston inside that pushes these.

Bearings out there’s no way if there’s no way to push these bearings in unless you press the button therefore it’s really really secure this is like a reverse version of compression type hoses okay so we have that on the bottom here we call it the SS – a straight port let’s look on to the side here of this L bracket notice here we have some more quarter 20s one two three to be exact now these here they have anti rotation.

Pins so if you put in accessories like our cultures like this cold shoe here you can match the entire rotation pin these pins here with these and then what happens is.

That once this culture is mounted it’s not gonna accidentally unscrew on you so this is a great feature these silver mushroom head screws those are safety stops they basically prevent accidental release from arca-swiss type clamp additional feature of this L bracket is that these.

Two holes can be used to mount our eight n Snak protect so what you do here is.

You plug in your cable and simply make sure that the cable doesn’t put any pressure on the.

Port just kind of see how it is so it’s like no pressure on the port and then.

Screw these things in okay so.

Really quickly you can mount.

This I’ll break it and this you know this actually reduces any chances of of damage from accidental bumps unless the bump happens directly over here which is unlikely and also from tugs so if you shoot tethered or you shoot video you know you.

Can use it for any of these cables here you know HDMI microphone headphones or even the network cable so that’s actually a very useful feature of this out regularly so this here is.

The PAH one notice here I put it in one of our holster balls on there and you can mount anything with the quarter-twenty on this you can mount it on this side or the reverse side it also has room here for a set screw which would prevent accidental release of this which is a very very important feature so notice.

Our plates have ports on this side so this can install to any of the sides here can install this way go to the back if you’d like this way or this way that’s really easy all you have to do is put in two screws through one of these holes there’s just some adjustment forward and backward as well.

So this would work perfectly with our upcoming holster that ball just.

In here and this just gets locked in okay it’s like that so one more thing here what I have here is a peak design anchor you can basically weave that through these holes here and this would.

Provides you a way of mounting a big design strap onto this camera basically you will just do this and then this can exist right here so another that there is the pas l3 it mounts to the side of the plates either in.

Forward or backward configuration they come out to the either side here as well what we have features of this thing are quarter twenty thread on the front strap port for.

The ESS to type straps and also have strap loops so if you want to put in a strap loop here.

This is actually really it’s actually a bit nicer structure than the.

One we include with the plates or L brackets there are just so many things we can use with this bracket plate over here I have our famous boomerang flat bracket so this would just line up with these holes here and you just use a thumb screw to screw it on.

Voila we have the flash bracket installed it’s that easy that simple notice with that flash bracket we have cutouts for these vertical grip buttons so your hand is free to like to really grab this camera like it’s intended to it’s a little profile plate so it does not interfere with the operations of the camera let’s take a look here at the.

Boomerang flash bracket top view side view bottom beautiful notice you can still have anything on the left side but the right side is obviously occupied all right let’s take this off.

I’m going to show you some handles so let’s product category I want to show you handles so we have our hb7 the handle this would mount to.

This left side here not as I also installed the culture on top of it this is a great way to expand under cold shoe mounting possibilities and then we’re actually prototyping a right hat right sided handle notice this one is much longer than this one and obviously this here is a prototype.

Should be available in couple of weeks just mounts this way here you still.

Have room to grab your camera you can actually mount this two ways you can mount.

It with the arm forcing forward or backwards and then you can still access these vertical buttons the top handle I needs a some sort of a neighbor plate so we over here we have a 4-inch NATO plate the NATO plate mounts into the cold shoe of the camera so right now you have three handles you have a top handle and two side handles so this was this would be great for a video rig you can hold.

It like this really really nice and stable and then you have a top handle notice we have an adapter here that has multiple quarter twenty thread so you can match your video lights or coach cultures or microphones.

On this we can also mount it on this handle as well both of these handles include threads for the snake protector so if you’re running any cables you can just install that snag protector here the cable.

Will just run down into this handle and then you will have this neck protection installed right here okay let’s take these handles off I have one less product to show you here for this Nikon v5r long plate this could be used.

For panoramas to find your nodal point to.

Go about the center of the nodal point on the lens also when we came up with was this handle with the with the arca-swiss type clamp so you just mounted like that you have a really nice support if you’re shooting with the long lens you.

Can hold one hand on a trigger you can hold one finger on the shutter with one hand on.

Camera and a second I can’t hand on the bottom this gives you a really nice grip especially.

You shoot with long lenses again this is our handle see for the clamp pxc to plate and this here is a custom plate for the Nikon d5 so this is it thanks for watching this videos if.

You have any questions or comments please comment below also subscribe to this channel if you found our products useful to purchase anything please head on to pro media or visit a dealer near you thank.

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