Shein Try On Haul! | Is It Really Worth The Money?

Today I am going to give a review of shein I bought cloths and accessories , which I will be reviewing today first thing that I bought was this favourite dress of mine I will put the pictures of products on left side of the screen dress comes with a strap for support since it is quite heavy dress off shoulder.
Might give you a problem but strap saves you.

A lot , great thing it is i love flow of it and because the dress is heavy you do not have to.

Worry about wind blowing your dress up the fabric is quite soft and will not bug you even.

If you sweat overall this dress will suit every skin tone next dress that I took was this amazing party dress this is such an amazing dress , best for.

Lazy girls who want to shine in party without doing to much the neck is not to deep so you do not have to worry about cleavage showing up this dress is amazing for those who want to look different in party , shine up like a diva but.

Still don’t want to be to expensive the shimmer of the dress is amazing , i just how it reflects light to well fabric is quite soft and didn’t bother me even if I sweat , which is great for a girl like me who sweat a lot I will be uploading pictures so that you can have a idea of how it looks on me do check description box of shein.

To read info about the dress , like fabric size etc.

do check the size chart which is on right of description box.

Of what size you lie in make sure to check everything before you buy because I don’t want that you buy some stuff and.

Then it didn’t match your expectations product links are available in description box updated : get rs 300 off on orders.

Over rs 2300 , use code alexx03 i got this amazing hoop earrings from shein it’s kind of uncomfortable for me since any push will give a slight pain in ear I got two of these one in silver and one in gold until now the earrings look brand new there is no rusting issue , or.

Colour fade issue so these are the products that I got from shein the quality is great , do check shipping details after order , maximum it takes 300 days for delivery in India after placing order you will get a tracking id by which you can check status of product.

Don’t be impatient because it will take a quite time but it was worth it for me if you like this video , consider subscribing and press that bell icon , to get notification of my new uploaded videos.

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