Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) ; Season 4 Episode 5

In even if for the last o GH with no spots let’s double that go for the turn kill on a Templar assassin second immediately I’m Shiva himself his army though that means won’t finish the job on a Templar assassin but now I’m touched by it by himself and tusky will very likely be run down as well but slaughter you still be locked down by the minions of both chin as well as like and.

One more on to attack let’s see with him in for kill streak stopper going the way of messy ok mind control playing the pugna oh yeah they scanned him out he doesn’t move.

Away for the time being though so looks like you might be a little too slippery.

Instead they they’re collapsing our temp our SATs in the middle and aren’t they centers put down in case and that means that Mel’s not gonna save him so good come ta me see.

That smoke play still coming in now.

We have more information to work with he is different 20 more seconds you want.

To fight this if you’re the radiant side but maybe they do a slaughter he misses the initial crush that’s not good will custom it will be throw it on a pretty good spot though boundless strike hits the genes– while the Life Drain used on a bigot eventually be taken off as he was max dis and then the blast will help.

Take out Bane it’s not our dice right there that could change so much of much of what’s enough to.

Happen but solder instead is just gonna walk up the chin and he’s gonna open it.

Gets a bash proc in here level to bash hits the crush just it’s one bash bak there you go and that sets up the eventual kill meanwhile back to the middle lane they’re gonna lose Bane as well to take remember those particularly to supports however ta is not a support ta is a core trying to.

Than ancient stack a close supply that’s just not gonna work though in fact he’s gonna be running back the shape should form I like it will land up survive and they go back for the Angels Monkey King though you sitting here you know he wants to go and he’s gonna look for a.

Boundless strike if anything to kill some of the creeps popped our Sun our farming nearby 1300 cold safe.

Jobs let’s don’t have an exact answer just don’t what he’s going for jabs meanwhile he’s picked up over here he goes bots first very interesting Bottomly like it he might be dead here actually we’ve caught us command throwing out with the quotes of haze that is plenty of physical damage make sure to make.

The kill happen meanwhile the middleweight walrus punch in the brain step will say pain initially and here comes T.

Now there’s the turn kill on at us most likely nope never mind he goes down first that’s your revenge I leave.

Ticked if down the shirt block also trying to save his teammate a pug now and it will do just that decrepit I was also used does several Kong’s with his own echo Sabre finished and he is going it will consummate on top.

That slaughter what they follow up to puts up the cross up haze and changed smells and like Kitty’s not necessarily melting to come forth elastic of the Life Drain will barely keep them alive great timing from microwave it’s one of those awkward BKP games it’s like oh man.

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