Noob's Portal Adventure

Before this video begins I just want to say don’t worry total roblox island is coming back there should be only two episodes left um I’m not sure where we left off but there’s one episode and then the grand finale episode where the last two remaining contestants will go head to head in the final battle total roblox Island welcome.

Really wanted to make a video like this one oh what the heck is that did I triple for that um is this what I.

It is no way okay okay I’ve gotta test this out alright whoa okay I guess it’s on.

Now um all right here we go no no way it works okay I’ve gotta shoot another one uh let’s see here all right time to go see no way I found an tripped over a real portal gun this is crazy alright time for the real moment.

Of truth what whoa Wow alright let’s have some fun yeah let’s trip pizza guy in an oh yeah and endless fall okay so yeah is really crazy this is this uh.

I’m just gonna see myself out no wait come back please help ah all right time for the top portal what was that oh shoot alright alright let’s get him out sorry no no ha ha pizza guy just fell through that wall I can’t believe you fell for it wait what do you mean fell for it uh I I.

Don’t mean anything ah good night whoa I’ve got a good idea all right it’s time for the other one all right yep it worked the world behind me is gone so now there’s a.

Portal there and a portal there now if I’ve got this right if I look through it I should be.
Able to see the back of me no way I can crazy all right.

Where’d the portal gonna go oh it’s all the way over there wait I need to use the portals oh all right hey it’s pizza guy he’s got my portal.

Gun whoa oh shoot I fell for it oh no come on this isn’t fair oh oh I am dizzy oh come on not again whoa whoa no.

Oh come on it’s another version of the endless fall but it’s not falling Wow oh oh whoa pizza guy give me back my.

Portal gun show my stop falling for it I guess the answer is right now I get it I finally got revenge against noob yes people guide.

The portal gun you’re about to play in the endless fall what oh.

Shoot well I guess that’s the end of that pizza guy you suck I know..

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